Silver Zone Olympiads  
  Maths Pandit  

The  students of KLES' International School, Belagavi, have once again, brought in laurels and accolades to the school by winning medals in the Silver Zone Olympiads, 2018-2019, and  competed  with their counterparts within all sections from their respective classes and carved a niche for themselves. Around 900 students had participated in this Olympiad out of which 120 won medals.

A special mention about the students who have performed exceptionally well:

Miss  Sharadi Hegde,  Miss Shreeya G.S., Miss. Spruha Gurudutt, Miss. Priyal Bang, Miss. Sachi Hajare, Master Pratham Pai.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley, extended her whole-hearted support to  the Olympiad  exam coordinators, Mrs. Neeta Choudhari and Mrs.  Madhuri Hittin who did  a commendable job.

  Maths Pandit  
  Maths Pandit  

  A Triumph through Numbers !/span>

Miss. Shambavi Singh of KLES' International School, Belagavi, studying in grade 10, excelled in Maths Pandit,  organized by Career Excel at B.K Model High School, Belagavi on 26th January, 2019 and won the 3rd Place.

Hearty Congratulations from the Principal and staff.


Students Create Record Of Playing National Anthem On 100 GUITARS.


 KLES’ International School, Belagavi created a world record today and occupied the coveted place in The World Record India, when 100 KLES’ International students from classes 7 to 9, played the National Anthem on 100 guitars.

The Chief Guests for this unique and creditable event were Dr. Preeti Doddwad, Coordinator of KLE schools and Mr. Pavan Solanki, Founder, CEO, Official Director of World Record India, President of World Amazing Records and the referee of Guinness World Records (India).

The Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley applauded and appreciated the students for their amazing and extraordinary efforts in creating this incredible world record.


QUIZ Competition


   " Battle of the Brains"

KLES' International School, Belagavi hit the headlines once again when the  students Master Ayush Yelligar, Master Ayush Kabbur and Master Rayeez Ahmed Khan, all  from grade 8 won accolades and appreciation  for winning  the 1st place in the Quiz. They were awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 5000 at the Annual Inter School Event 2018-19 which was organised by Jinagouda High School, Shindolli, Belagavi on 12th February 2019. 

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has congratulated the superstars  and wished them  success in all their  future ventures.

  Career Excel Maths Pandit  

Master Ruhan N. of KLES' International School, Belagavi had participated in Career Excel Maths Pandit, organised by Inner Wheel Club of Belgaum on 20th January, 2019 and secured the third prize.

  The Regional Competition, Brain- O- Brain Abacus Fest 2019  

The Regional Competition, Brain- O- Brain Abacus Fest 2019,  was organised on  13th January, 2019 at  Pune.

KLES’ International School, Belagavi was in the limelight,  with the champions,  Miss. Priyal Bang (1st Place), Miss Aanya Gulabani (1st Place) and Master Aryan Malu( 2nd Place), winning accolades for their performance.

  Champions at the GSS fest,  'Meraki '  

   KLES' International School , Belagavi were the champions at the GSS fest,  'Meraki ', by winning the runner's up  trophy in the following events:

   Surprise Event - 1st Prize

   Master Sankalp Utture, Master Sankalp Hathwar, Miss Laxmi Kuranwade, Miss Shreya Patil

   Robotrix- 1st Prize

   Master Priyanshu Porwal, Master Adi Mehta

   Static Model Making - 1st Prize

   Master Vishal Kini, Miss Mandavi Singh

   Working Model - 2nd Prize - Master Sutirth Naik

   Acting/Drama - 3rd Prize

   Miss Diya Hattarki, Miss Shamali Patil, Master Om Elligar, Miss Poorvi Kanthi, Miss Nandita Hosmani, Miss Simran   Madali

   Photography - 3rd Prize

   Master Aman Bhosale, Master Atharav Munvalli

   Congratulations to the winners for displaying their creativity and team spirit.

  KRONOS 2K18  

KLES' International School, Belagavi participated in KRONOS 2K18, an annual fest organised by St. Paul's High School to felicitate students and promote the overall development in diverse aspects of elocution, dance, debate, song, cookery...

Prizes were won in the following competitions:

· 1st Place in Dance depicting Lord Shiva's Divinity. The participants were: Miss Aditi Raibagi, Miss Simon Porwal, Master Harsh Heda, Miss Mahika Mirji, Miss Akshata Salunke, Miss Alankrita Kodagamur, Miss Jasmine Kaur Sarabjeet Singh, Miss Aishwarya Saddanavar, Miss Kanishika Zanvar, Miss Anshu Ravindra.

· 1st Place in Quiz showcasing our brilliant brains: Miss Shreya Shetty and Miss Asmita Kotranvar.

· 2nd Place in Debate: Miss Sachi Hazare.

· 3rd Place in Singing: the melodious band included Miss Sakshi Nagnur, Miss Shreyas Kulkarni, Miss Meghana Hulatt, Master Prem Mukkanavar, Miss Pratiksha Jiddi and Master Karan Harichandan.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has congratulated the winning teams for their notable and outstanding achievement.

  3X3 Rubik's cube National Level competition  

Cube Curiosity!

Miss Gouri Kirti Nerlekar (grade 5) of KLES' International School, Belagavi, won the 2nd place in the 3X3 Rubik's cube National Level competition organized by Kids Concepts Academy in Bangalore on 18th November, 2018.

She also secured the 3rd place in the 4X4 Rubik's Cube Competition.


KLES' International School, Belagavi, won accolades for its participation in 'AAVHAAN', a cultural fest, organized by RPD College, to promote the true potential in a child.

The school won the first prize in the street play which showcased the deteriorating value system in our system and ways to overcome it. The participants were Master Arush Dodwad, Miss Aditi Raibagi, Miss Simon Porwal, Miss Mahika Mirji, Master Siddarth Gajbar, Master Sahil Mudnur, Master Atharva  Bhujannawar, Master Aarav Porwal, Miss Akahata Salunke, Miss Aishwarya Saddanavar, Master Sujal Sawant, Miss Manodnya Koreshetty and Miss Gunn Bhati.

The students were appreciated for their commitment , enthusiasm and their inexhaustible zeal to excel.

  Science Fair  

Innovative minds at work at KLES' International School !!!

KLES' International School, Belagavi  won accolades for their participation  and achieving success in  the Sci-Fair ( 2018) and INSEF model making competition which was  organized by Rotary Club of Belgaum and sponsored by Lokmanya  at B.K. Model School on 23rd  November, 2018.

Master Suteerth won the bronze medal while the coveted 2nd and the 3rd prizes were held in the Science Quiz . Also, the 1st and 2nd prizes  were bagged, in the Math Excellence Award, in the 9th and 10th class category, respectively and the icing on the cake was, achieving the  2nd prize in the General Championship. 

In yet another milestone, the students from classes V to X, displayed a wide and a varied range of science models, projects and experiments to familiarize and acknowledge the general concepts and  ways and means to sustain the environment by implementing eco-friendly measures for better yields.

The models and projects on the sewer gas plant, integrated farming, solid waste management, rain water harvesting, waste water treatment, water purification and harnessing energy through natural resources was truly a sight to behold.

Similarly, the applications of radioactivity, fire, security alarm, optical illusion, magnetic levitation and  anti-gravity jar were well researched and presented.

The electronics corner  centered   on unique and distinctive robots, hydraulic bulldozers, hydraulic cranes, drones, electromagnetic  trains and many other innovations  , which proved its efficiency in our daily lives.                                                                                                                 

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has congratulated both the students and the teachers for their persistent and dedicated efforts to convey the wonders of science to one and all and in the process, work out  ways to sustain a better future and preserve our planet.

  ABACUS Competition  

Success is a result of continuous effort !!!

Master Namit Chougule of IKAT level, 1st  has won the Third prize in Tarang Regional Level ABACUS Competition conducted by Intellikidz Learning Private Limited, in association with Narayan Hulamani Foundation on 5th August, 2018 at Belagavi.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has congratulated Namit on his remarkable performance.

  The Funtoot Star of the Quarter  

Perseverance demands admiration

‘The Funtoot Star of the Quarter’ for the session 2018-19 was Miss Nidhi Chougale. She wins the i-ball Tab and the appreciation of Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley and the faculty.

  Achievement at Love Dale Central school  

A whiff of success and grandeur

KLES’ International School, Belagavi won accolades at the Infernus  Fest  conducted by Love Dale Central school.

The following students made a mark at the spectacular event:

·                  II prize in Surprise Event

·                  I prize in Treasure Hunt:

Miss Reith Rathore, Master Naman Kothari and Miss Khushi Talreja.

·                  II prize in Drama:

Master Aditya Mulimani, Miss. Leesha Shah and Miss. Purvi Chonnad, Miss. Diya H., Miss. Mahika M.and Master Veeresh B.

·                  I prize in Gaming:  Master Aryan Suresh.


  Achievements at Jain Heritage School  

All roads lead to victory

KLES’ International School, Belagavi   won laurels for the school at the Infinitum  Vyom conducted by Jain Heritage School.

The followng students sparkled at the extravagant event:

·      I prize in Treasure Hunt:

Miss Reith Rathore, Master Om Rupchandani and Master Avinesh Kumar

·      I prize in Debate:

Master Arush Doddwad, Master Vishesh H.

·      II prize in Photography:

Master Mahipal Purohit and Master Sharan Dastikop.

·      II prize in Surprise Event:

Miss Jasnun, Master Aarav, Master Siddhart, Miss Akshata, Miss  Alankrita, Miss Akshata V., Master Nived and Master Atharva.


  Tarang Abacus Competition  

Ms. Nidhi Bangodi from KLES’ International School, Belagavi  has won the 2nd prize in State Level Abacus Competition conducted by Intellikidz Learning Pvt Ltd. on 13th Feb. 2018,  at Dharwad.

Ms. Nidhi has been congratulated by the Principal and the staff for her brilliant performance.

  Funtoot Achievement Award-2017-2018  

Miss. Gouri Nerlekar, student of class IV, has won the Funtoot Relentless Fundstar Award . She stood in the top 6 positions among India. The winning of this Funtoot Achievement National Award has made the school proud of her spectacular achievement..

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has congratulated Gouri for her remarkable and enviable performance..

  Rubik’s Cube Competition  

Miss. Gouri Nerlekar, student of class IV  B of KLES’ International School has won the 1st prize at The National Level in the “4*4 Rubik’s Cube Competition“ held in Bangalore on 19th November,2017 organized by   “Kids Concepts” (an organization with franchise all over the country and abroad ) .Her timing was 4mins 30secs. About 350 children from all over India and UAE had participated in this event.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley congratulated Gouri on her fantastic performance.

  ABACUS competition  

The Power of Imagination makes us Infinite!!!

The  Intellikidz Learning Pvt.Ltd. had organized the TARANG -2017 ( IKAT Regional Level ) ABACUS competition in association with Narayan Hulmani Foundation  on 6th Aug 2017, at Belagavi.

Ms. Nidhi P. Bangodi of class II   secured the 2nd place.

Principal, Mrs. Deepti Ingley has congratulated Nidhi on her spectacular win.

  Maths Pandit Competition  

You have to be ODD to be Number One

The Maths Pandit  Competition was organized by the Inner Wheel Club of Belagavi, on  10th December , 2017  in which, Ms. Zoya Tebhla and Master Omkar Kabbur  of KLES’ Internation  School, secured  the 1st and 2nd prize respectively. There  were over 200 participants  from various schools of Belagavi and the participants went through three rounds of elimination.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley, congratulated the winners and wished them the best in all their future assignments.

  KRONOS-17 V 6.0  

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.

KLES’ International School, Belagavi has done it once again, for the second consecutive year!!!

Kudos to our students for proving that they are, indeed, one of a kind.

North Karnataka’s biggest InterSchool Literary and Cultural Fest ‘KRONOS-17 V 6.0’ was organized at St. Paul’s school, Belagavi on 24thand 25th  November,2017. The theme for the fest was “Rapprochement of Cultures.”

It was an amalgamation of about 20 schools, gathered unitedly, under one roof to establish harmonious relations.

The following students won accolades in the following competitions:

Debate competition: Miss.  Nikita Vagarali and Miss.Poorvi Ammangi secured the third place.

MasterChef  Kronos : Master Rohnak Shahapurkar and Miss. Rutu  Chowgule secured the first place.

Surprise event: The school bagged the second palace.

Tycoons manifest: Miss. Zoya Tebhla, Miss. Sushmita  Korishetty and Master Sudeep Kulkarni secured the second place.

Book event: Master Vijay Anand secured the third place.

Miss and Master Kronos: Miss. Zoya Tebhla and Master Lovesh Gulbani.

To top it all, KLES’ International School was awarded the most coveted, General Championship. A special assembly was organized for these champions. Principal, Dipti Ingley congratulated the winners for their excellent performance. The winning team was mentored and guided by Ms. Savita Bhandari and Ms. Apoorva Gudi.

Indian International Model United Nations

The Second edition of Model United Nations of KLE Society, Belagavi in association with Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) was held at KLE International School, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru in association with KLE Society’s School, Nagarbhavi, Bengaluru from 17th to 19th November, 2017.

The students of KLE International School, Belagavi, participated as delegates of France, Congo, India (BJP MP’s), Austria and Kenya. The committees allotted were UNSC, DISEC, LEGAL, LOK SABHA and WHO.

 The following students had participated in this enterprising venture:

Master Arush Doddwad, class VIII

Master Sujal Sawant, class VIII

Miss. Sachi Hajare, class VIII

Master Arsh Ahmed NS, class IX

Miss. Aaabha Deshmukh, class IX

Master Nehal Gamangatti, class IX

Master Arush Doddwad and Master Sujal Sawant bagged gold medals for the best delegates of France. Master Nehal Gamangatti was appreciated for the best verbal mention.

 All the other students were awarded with participation certificates.

 The students were guided by IIMUN coordinator, Mrs. Renuka Nannoji. She too was awarded the special observer certificate. Mrs. Shashi Mangalwedhe who had accompanied the team was awarded  the special observer certificate.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley, congratulated the students on their spectacular win.

Mr. Bhaurao Patil achievement

The Scout Guide Movement is a movement of the youth and this programme has been designed in such a way that the  youth takes a keen interest and liking for this activity which in the long run will be of great use and importance.

On 7 th November, 1950, the Boy Scout Assosiation in India and the Hindustan Scout Assosiation merged under the name of The Bharat Scouts and Guides. The Girl Guide Assosiation of India merged with the Bharat Scouts and Guides on 15 th August, 1951.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides is a voluntary, non-political, educational Movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles and methods conceived by the founder Lord Baden-Powell in 1907.

Mr. Bhaurao Patil, P.E. Instructor from KLES’ International School was felicitated and awarded the designation of ‘ Scout Master’ at the training camp in Doddbellapur, Belagavi from 24th to 31st November, 2017.

The Principal and the staff have congratulated Mr. Bhaurao Patil for this splendid achievement.


Success is a science, if you have the conditions, you get the result.

  KLE Independent Pre- University College, Jakkeri Honda, Goaves, Belagavi had organized  the Science Exhibition ,‘ VASUNDHARA’ on 10th and 11th November, 2017 and Quiz competition, ’VIDWATT’ on 10th November,2017.

  The students of classes IX and X of KLES’ International School, Belagavi had participated in this innovative venture by presenting and exhibiting their models which facilitated the inculcation of curiosity, creativity and scientific  thinking among students.

 21st Rotary Lokmanya Science Fair 2017 with INSEF (State Level) was organized on 9th and 10th November, 2017.

 The students of classes IX and X of KLES’ International School, Belagavi had participated in this innovative venture by presenting and exhibiting their models which facilitated the inculcation of curiosity, creativity and scientific thinking among students.

 The winners in the quiz and the model making competition are as follows:

  • Master Vinyas Shetty ( X C)and Miss Shambhavi Singh(IX C)  secured the first place in the quiz competition Students of class X

  • Master Ritesh S. Doijod, Master Yogesh Allayyanavmath and Master  Chirag Revankar secured the third place in the science model making

  • Mrs. Sameena, Mrs. Jyoti and Mr. Kulkarni had accompanied the students to the science exhibition

 Principal Dipti Ingley has congratulated the students, teachers and the parents for their hard work and consistent efforts

Science Fair at Mahilavidyalay

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”

 21st Rotary Lokmanya Science Fair 2017 with INSEF (State Level) was organized on 9th and 10th November, 2017.

 The students of classes IX and X of KLES’ International School, Belagavi had participated in this innovative venture by presenting and exhibiting their models which facilitated the inculcation of curiosity, creativity and scientific thinking among students.

 The winners in the quiz, model making and math excellence are as follows:

  • Master Rohnak Shahapurkar ( X B) bagged the bronze medal in the model making competition (Robotic Arm).

  • Master Lovesh Gulbani( X D), Miss. Prerana Bhat( IX D)  bagged the silver medal in the science quiz and Master Vijay AnandK.(X A) and Master Janak Purohit ( X B)  secured the fourth place in the same.

  • Master Nishanth Desai(IX B)  has qualified in the Math Excellence

  • Mrs. Ashwini Patil (I/C) , Mrs. Rashmi Sinha and Mr. Narendra had accompanied the students to the science exhibition

  • Comic Writing: 3rd Place, Master Abdul Kalal.

 Principal Dipti Ingley has congratulated the students, teachers and the parents for their dedication and sincere efforts. 

Spell Bee Competition

    MARRS spell behead organized an inter school, oral, spell bee on 11th November, 2017, in which the students of KLES International School, Belagavi, participated and won several prizes.

   Miss Savya  Aragangi stood first in category 2, Master Pratham Pai stood first  in category 3 and MasterKrishNimbal stood first in category 4.Mrs. Seema Jalgar was the committee incharge for the spell bee competition. Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has congratulated the derserving students.

Infinitum Vyoma Fest

KLES’ bags ‘General Championship’ at Infinitum Vyoma Fest’

‘INFINITUM VYOMA’ had organized an Inter-school fest for the students of grade 8th,9th and 10th in Jain Heritage School on 8th & 9th Sept. 2017 in which our students won the title of ‘ General Championship’ and won various other prizes.
The list of winners is as follows:

  • Photography : 1st Place, Master Yash Patil and Master Vrishabh Kolhapure.

  • Dance : 1st Place, Master Aryan Porwal, Master Anish Akki, Master Aditya Charantimath, Master Omkar Kabbur,

  • Master Chirag Rupchandani and Chinmay Hebbale.

  • Singing: 1st Place Miss. Sakshi Nagnoor, Miss. Bhakti Gulabani, Miss. Rhea Mirji, Miss. Divya Talwar and Miss. Revati Bellad.

  • What(Surprise Event): 3rd Place, Miss. Nikita Vagarali, Miss. Shrinidhi Heda, Miss. Zoha Tebhla, Master Harsh Bang, Master Navjeet Kohli, Master Sahil Patil and Master Rohan Targar.

  • Mime: 3rd Place, Miss. Khushi Bhati, Miss. Saloni Jain, Miss Romasha Jaswalkar, Miss. Aditi Hebbale, Master Bharath Patil, Master Rohnak Shahpurkar and Master Naren Misale.

  • Debate: 3rd Place, Miss. Zoha Desai.

  • Comic Writing: 3rd Place, Master Abdul Kalal.

Principal Dipti Ingley congratulated the fantastic team of these dedicated achievers and appreciated their diehard attitude. The students were guided by Incharge Miss. Seema Jalgar and were accompanied by teachers Mrs. Jayatri and Mrs. Girja.

   Interact Club Competition 2017-18  

‘Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort’

Sant Meera English Medium School Angol, Belagavi had organized Interact Club Competition 2017-18 on 21st Aug. 2017.

 Miss Aatri Khan of Grade 8 participated in Ganesh Drawing  and Painting Competition and secured 1st place.

Master Sankalp Hathwar of Grade 8 participated in Ganesh Idol making Competition and secured 2nd place.

Master Sankalp Utture of Grade 8 participated in Ganesh Idol making Competition and secured Consolation place.

Miss. Maithili Ashish Veshne  of Grade 2 secured the  Consolation prize in drawing.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley, congratulated the award winners and wished them success in their future endeavors.

  ISKCON Achievement  

‘Spirituality is the science of the Soul’

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness had organized various competitions for children on the 3rd , 4th and 5th of August to sensitize  children and create awareness about our  rich culture and heritage. The competitions included Bhakti Geet , Story Telling and Quiz to inculcate all aspects of our vibrant tradition.

Master Ayush Kabbur from class VII won the third place in Quiz  , Miss Vanshika Katwa from class VII won the second  place in Quiz and Miss Sharadhi Hegde from class IV won the first place in Story Telling , first place in Bhagawadgita Shloka Recitation and second place in Bhaktigeet(singing).

Principal, Mrs.Dipti  Ingley congratulated the winners on their enviable performances and wished them success in their forthcoming ventures.

   Inter-School Fest ‘Sci –Lit 17’  

‘A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement’

The Rotaract Club of  Belagavi South had organized an Inter-School Fest ‘Sci –Lit 17’ for the students of class VIII, IX and X in which Master Lovesh Gulabani and Ms Zoya Tebhla won the title of ‘Mister Sci-Lit 17’ and ‘Miss Sci-Lit 17’ respectively. Miss Annapurneshwari Patil won the first place in ‘Buzz Master’ and Miss Zoya Tebhla won the second place in ‘ Buzz Master’. Miss Zoha Desai won the third place in elocution.

The meritorious students were congratulated and appreciated for their ceaseless efforts by the Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley.

  Inter-Kle School Quiz Competition   

‘Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed’

KLE Society School , Rajajinagar , Bengaluru had organized an Inter-Kle School Quiz Competition on the 1st of September 2017 in which three of our students competed against 16 other Kle Schools  and won the third prize under the expert guidance of Ms Seema Jalgar and Ms Rini Singh.

The winners are Master Lovesh Gulabani from class X , Ms Shambhavi Singh from class IX , Ms Saachi Hajare from class VIII.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has expressed her best wishes and congratulated  the deserving students.


Team work makes the dream work’

Shatam-2016 was a series of events that commemorated the 100th Year of the KLE Society. It incorporated the elements of Nritya (Dance), Krida (Play), Natya (Drama) and Kala Kriti (Creativity) and witnessed the participation of thousands of students and staff members of the KLE Family.

No efforts were spared to make Shatam one of the best events and the talk of the town. After a lot of research, brainstorming sessions and interactions, the organizing committee came up with the most spectacular and an innovative approach to celebrate this mega event. The series of events were so well planned and elaborate that one was left wondering at the flawless and the smooth flow of events.

Right from Swachata Abhiyan, the flash mobs and the various competitions to the dazzling performances and the speeches of the greatest stalwarts of the country including our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, everything was picture perfect.

The widespread belief once again made it to the headlines that only KLE Society could easily and effortlessly manage to carry off such a grand event. To reward the relentless efforts in achieving this enviable feat, our beloved Chairman, Dr. Prabhakar Kore felicitated the staff on 19th August 2017, by gifting a plaque and a certificate as a token of love and appreciation.

  Brainobrain 18th Abacus Fest  

Strength Determination, Challenges and Confidence counts your success’

Brainobrain 18th Abacus Fest had organized the abacus competition  on 23rd July 2017, in Bangalore.  Master Siddhant V Gulabani won the Championship Trophy and secured the 1st position in Karnataka.Ms. Nidhi J Gulabani was the Gold Medal topper in Belagavi district.

The Principal and the staff have applauded the children on their brilliant performance.

   Alphia 2k17  

 The  Infovation was organised by Dyan Prabodhan Mandir, Belagavi in which our students secured the First Place in the Dance (winners – Aryan Porwal, Omkar Kabbur, Anish Akki, Chinmay Hebbale, Khushi Talreja, Mehek Porwal, Shrinidhi Heda, Gehna Porwal)Second Place in Debate- Tanvi Bhujannavar and Nikita Vagarali.

Best wishes and congratulatory messages poured in from the Principal Mrs. Dipti Ingley, Parents and staff.

  Master Shreyas Patil of grade 5 has participated and won 3rd runner up prize in 8th level Tiny Tots Aloha Mental Arithmetic International competition held at PARKROYAL Hotel  

Aloha Mental Arithmetic International competition 2017 was  held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 16th July 2017.Master Shreyas Patil of Grade 5 won the 3rd runner up prize in 8th level Tiny Tots. Miss Ananya Patil of Grade 2, won the 3rd runner up prize in 3rd level Tiny Tots.

The Principal Mrs. Dipti Ingley congratulated the duo on their overwhelming victory and wished them success. 

  Mr. Madhu Patil Achievement  
  Life time achievement award was given to Mr. Madhu Patil, karate instructor in KLE International School, by the Tamil Nadu government in Perempur  Chennai by Minister C.M.K Reddy,Telugu  film actress, Smt. Prabha Ramesh and Dr. M. Rajaram I.A.S. chairman, Tamilnadu.  
                ‘Ayushaman 2K17’  

KLE International School was in the limelight recently as three of its students had participated in the ‘Ayushaman 2K17’ fest which was organized by Farhan’s Dance & Aerobics, Belagavi on 23rd  April 2017. The dance battle was sponsored by Mr. Mihir Potdar.
The First prize was received by team Nrutya–Vedh along with a cash prize of Rs.20,000. This team included the three students Ms. Malvika M. Nalavade Grade VI, Ms.Anchal M. Bhandari Grade VI and Ms. Mahika C. Mirji Grade VIII.
Principal Dipti Ingley congratulated the Nrutya–Vedh team which brought  laurels to the School.
                 ‘Nothing can be done without hope and confidence’  
                        Best ‘Ryla Boy’- by Rotary Club of Belagavi  

Rotary Club of Belagavi had organized Bal Sanskar Shibir at Nature Camp Kulgi, Dandeli  from 13th April to 16th April 2017. Master Ayush Jitesh Kabbur of Grade 7 participated in this camp which included Yoga, trekking, drama, talent show etc. He was awarded  as Best ‘Ryla Boy’ for his punctuality, attentiveness and confidence among 104 students.Principal Dipti Ingley appreciated Master Ayush K in the special assembly by handing over the trophy and the certificate.

  TARANGA – 2016 (An Intellikidz Abacus Competition)  

Master Parikshit Rogannavar(Grade 4) of 1st level has won Champion prize in the TARANGA-2016 of IKAT Regional Level Abacus Competition conducted by Intellikidz Learning Pvt.Ltd.


Belgaum Roller Skating Academy(R) had organized Open District Roller Skating Championship – 2017 on 12th Feb. 2017 at KLE Society’s Skating Rink, Lingaraj College Campus, Belagavi in which Miss Ekisha Byali of Grade 3 won 1st Place.


Swami Vivekananda Institute of Commerce and Computer Education organized several competitions  for the students    in   and around  Belagavi on the occasion of the 155th Birthday Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda (The National Youth  Day -12th Jan. 2016).

Miss. Sharadhi Hegde  of  Grade 3  secured  first position in the following events:

  •  G.K Quiz, Essay, Patriotic song, Bhagavad Geeta Chanting Competition and she also secured Second place in Elocution competition.

  • Parivartan Pariwar (Abhay Patil) had organized Drawing Competition and Miss. Sharadhi Hegde secured 2nd place.

Principal and Staff are proud of her achievement.

  Dance Ka Tashan 2017 Season -1  

Dance Ka Tashan 2017 Season -1 Solo Dance Championship   was organized by the Blackk Shadowzzz.  Miss.Ariha Porwal of  Grade 3 was awarded for Best Costume under category 8.

   State Level Abacus Competition (1st Level)  held on 22nd  Jan. 2017  

Sharp Brains, Belagavi  had organised State Level Abacus Competition (1st Level)  held on 22nd  Jan. 2017 and Master    Pratham V Joshi won the Silver medal.


UNIFIED CYBER OLYMPIAD – 2016 conducted by Unified Council on 21st Oct. 2016




Students Qualified for 2nd Level are Veera Jamadade of Grade 2, Sharadha Hegde of Grade 3 and Ayush Naman of Grade 4. Gold Medal and Certificate of Appreciation for Excellent performance in Unified Cyber Olympiad:
1) Anshuman Rajpurohit of Grade 2, secured National Rank 2592 and Class Second Ranker
2) Kshitij Bhat of Grade 3, secured National Rank 2241 and Class Second Ranker
3) Adnan Sheikh of Grade 3, secured National Rank 2464 and Class Third Ranker
4) Aryan Mithari of Grade 4, secured National Rank 1811 and Class Second Ranker
Also Unified Council Thankfully recognizes the services of Principal Ms. Dipti Ingley and Teacher in-charge Ms. Manisha Chandgadkar for their efforts in motivating the students to explore new ways to enhance their skills and knowledge.


General Championship in Avid-2016.



Hattrick for the Academic Year 2016-17 in the competitions organized in schools around Belagavi District.
Avid 2016 fest was organized by Amrita Vidyalayam, Belgaum on 3rd and 4th Jan. 2017. Its main aim was to recognize and award young and talented students and help them identify their talents in different fields. This mega event has also enabled our students to imbibe skills such as event management and decision making. Wizarding world of Avid consisted of ten events, our students participated in six events and won accolades:
Miss. Nupur Bagi was conferred 1st Place for Miss Avid.
Master Janak Porwal bagged 2nd Place in the event Quiz.
The unbeatable Miss Saloni Jain won 1st Place in Fashion Show.
School Vice Head Boy Master Lovesh Gulbani won 1st Place in Debate.
Creativity in Photography was unmatched, Master Prathamesh Chandargi was honoured with 1st Place for photograp
Group of five students put up an exuberant Dance performance and we are glad to announce KLE group won 1st Place, and the participants were Master Revan Chonnad, Master Om Bhusari, Master Anish Bang Master Roshan Purohit and Master Aryan Porwal.
Principal Dipti Ingley congratulated the Avid team, all the responsible teachers and the Incharge teacher of the competition Ms. Sanjivani Deshpande, for laurels brought to the School.


KLEIS’ bags ‘MATHS PANDIT’ Gold Award


Inner Wheel Club of Belgaum had organized Career Excel Maths Pandit (Maths Excellence Competition) on 4th Dec. 2016.Miss. Zoya Tebhla has made us proud by securing Gold.Principal Dipti Ingley and staff congratulated Ms. Zoya for her stupendous efforts.


20th Rotary Science Fair



20th Rotary Science Fair – 2016 has provided an opportunity for students in middle and high schools to compete in science and technology activities. The main motive of a science fair was to spark a true interest and scientific temper in the students.This project was organized at  Belgaum on 10th and 11th Nov. 2016 at B.K. Model School.

Science Model Exhibition students of different schools came up with 97 inspiring models.

In Computer Science/ Electrical and Electronics category:

The Project being Door Knock Lock

Ajay Betegeri and Nandan Herekar from grade X won 2nd prize.

 In Physics/ Energy/ Engineering category:

The Project was Lego (Robotic Arm)

Arush Doddwad and Atharva Munavalli of grade VII won 3rd prize.

In Science Quiz Competition there were total of 91 teams participating in the quiz

Nishad Kulkarni and Vijay Anand won 1st prize.

Zoya Tebhla and Roshan Purohit won 2nd prize.

 Maths Excellence Test was also conducted and we are again proud to have winners

Anish Bang  with 2nd prize, Keerti Charantimath  getting  3rd prize and Omkar Kabbar bagging  4th prize.

 We are glad to announce Nupur Bagi Head Girl of our school from grade X bag 2nd prize in Elocution.

Out of 30 schools, our school has won General Championship.


Drawing Competition



Baha’i Drawing Competition was organized by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i in Belgaum for the year 2016. Miss. Lakisha Porwal of grade 5 was awarded Third prize in Junior Drawing Category. Best wishes and Hearty Congratulations from Principal and Staff.


KLE students outshine at Indian International MUN Conference



The Indian International Model United Nations Chapter Kolhapur - Asia’s largest youth conference was hosted at KITs College of Engineering Kolhapur on 11th and 12th of September 2016. Students of KLE International School participated in this conference,  it was a  place of  convergence of the dreams for a better world and an edifice of human hope. Each school delegate were allotted a committee and a country. Master Arush Doddwad, Master Om Eligar, Master Harsh Karpoor, Miss. Keerti Charantimath, Miss. Aditi Mudhol participated with the topic Reforms in Security Council. Countries allotted were France, China, Malaysia, UK and Germany. The delegates debated on the pressing international issues by expressing their views. In UNEP- Blue Economy Master Ankur Dhadoti and Harsh Karpoor were the delegates who represented UK and Germany. Miss Keerti Charantimath and Tanvi Bhujannavar were awarded with Bronze medals for special recommendation.  Ms. Renuka Nannoji was honoured with certificate as special observer. Principal Dipti Ingley appreciated and congratulated the team for their zealous efforts.




“Winning doesn’t always mean being first, Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before”

North Karnataka’s  biggest Inter School Literary and Cultural Fest ‘KRONOS- MMVXI’. The Olympus Edition was organized at St’ Paul’s school, Belagavi  on 9th and 10th  of Sept.2016. It was a confluence of 20 schools in and around Belagavi. This event served as a platform for the students to exhibit their talents towards nature and bring transformation in the nature. The theme for the fest was “Gene the Green” our school won accolades in five events.

In the Ice Breakers  (Mentor Challenge) Ms. Apoorva Gudi won the First prize.  Janak Purohit and Roshan Purohit  won the First position in Quiz competition, Lovesh Gulabani won the First prize in Just A Minute(JAM). Kedar Gowda and  Ajay Bhang won Second position in Joga Bonito.  Aditya Raibagi, Aditya Mulimani, Sakshi Nagnoor, Triman Khurana, Nishad Kulkarni  and Aslan Mujawar won Second position in Bring the Beat.      

An icing on the cake was when KLE International School team was awarded the incredible General Championship. Principal Dipti Ingley honored the winners for their standard of excellence during the special assembly. The team was guided by Ms. Sanjivini , Ms. Seema Shetty and Mr. Vishal Modak.




“ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader’’ A maiden fest - INFINITUM VYOMA ‘ Artist Unraveled’ was organized by JHS for the students of grade 8th,9th and 10th in JHS campus recently. Leaders from our school were invited to participate in this fest. Students participated in 5 events and won accolades. Ms. Zoha Desai and Ms. Aditi Mudhol secured First place in Debate. Ms. Sushmita Korishetty and Khushi Bhati secured Second place in Story Writing. The feather in the cap was the title Miss INFINITUM VYOMA conferred to Ms. Nupur Bagi the Head girl of the school. It was an event that entailed great enthusiasm among our students. Principal Dipti Ingley congratulated the winners.



Aloha Learning Centre


‘Aloha Learning Centre’ had organized Belgaum City Level Abacus Competition in which Master Atharva Todakar secured 1st place for Level II, in Tiny Tots held at Mali-Manch, Belagavi on 21st August 2016.





Students of KLES’ International School, Belagavi won laurels in the ENVISTA 2016, which was organized by St. Joseph’s Convent High School on 20th Aug. 2016. It was an amazing kaleidoscope of wit, humour, fun, excitement and systematic planning. Principal Mrs. Dipti Ingley and the staff appreciated the students for their unceasing efforts.

Out of 8 events organized students won accolades in the following 4 events:

Sl No.


Name of Participants



Fancy Dress Suhani Angadi



Debate Zoya J



  Nikita Vagrali


Master Envista Ankur Dhadoti  


Science Model & Painting Ajay B



  Nishad K


  Lovesh Gulabani


  Ritesh D

' Funtoot Fundastar contest '

Funtoot, an intelligent personalized tutor that teaches children in a fun and interactive manner, had organized Funtoot Fundastar contest in KLES’ International School Belagavi for the month of March and April 2016.
The Tab winner for the same is : Miss. Stuthi Kittur of Std VA.

' Koushala – 2016 (TALENT HUNT) '

KLES’ International Students of  Std  I to  V  recently participated in TALENT HUNT I- Best Out of waste,   A KLE intiative organized by the Department of Kaumarabhritya Shri KLEU BMK Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya & Hospital on 20th April 2016.

Pavankumar N Pavskar  of class V        – 1st Place

 Deeksha Kore of class II                       – 1st Place

Savya Araganji  class II                          – 2nd Place

Krupa Khot  of class I                              – 3rd Place



Funtoot, an intelligent personalized tutor that teaches children in a fun and interactive manner, had organized  Funtoot Fundastar contest in KLES’  International School  Belagavi for the month of January and February 2016. 

The Tab winner for the same  is : Mr.  Hrishikesh Tukkar of Std III.

‘Fundastar ’

‘Funtoot, an intelligent personalized tutor that teaches children in a fun and interactive manner, had organized Funtoot Fundastar contest in KLES’ International School Belagavi for the period from 1st June to 7th Dec. 2015 & the winners are as follows:

  • The Tab winner for the same is : Ms. Akshata Vagrali of Std IV.

  ' Winners  don’t wait for Chances  they grab them’  

Ms. Neharika Nilesh Herekar of class IV A,  secured first position under age group 10 in the Intra Club Badminton  Tournament conducted by Rajan’s Badminton Academy on 27th July 2016.



' Alphia'

‘Dnyan Prabodbhan Mandir’s Cabinet 2015-16 introduced ‘Alphia’ the magical land on 23rd and 24th July 2016. About 28 students from class VIII to X participated in this competition. Our students brought laurels to our school in various categories Viz. :

Fusion Band First prize  
  • Aslan Mujawar

  • Aditya Raibagi

  • Adity  Mulimani

  • Daksh Deswal

  • Nehal Gamangatti

First Prize Photography  

  • Prathamesh Chandaragi

Second prize in Treasure Hunt  
  • Anish Bang

  • Roshan Purohit

  • Shrishail Terni

Second prize Science Model  
  • Ajay Belagiri

  • Nishad Kulkarni

The feather in the cap was Ms. Nupur Bagi the Head girl of the school won the title - ‘Ms. Alphia’.

Funtoot  fundastar contest held in December and January 2016.    

The Tab winner for the same  is Master Shreyas  Dharwad of  Std VI C.

Master Yash Ravi Patil of grade VIII KLE International School Belagavi successfully climbed the World's Highest Free-Standing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania- The Uhuru Peak of 5,895 m. AMSL, on 1st January 2016 at 7:00 AM. Principal, staff and the teachers are proud of his endeavour.

‘Phangasia ’

‘Phangasia’ organized by Love Dale Central school on 21st Nov 2015, KLEIS represented the group event out of 30 schools, KLE International School, Belagavi received the First award for their remarkable performance.

Participants for the group event are as follows:

  • Deshna Porwal (std IV)
  • Aditi Khan (std IV)
  • Sirshti Kambar (std IV)
  • Gayatri Pai (std V)
  • Anusha Kadkole (std V)
  • Stuti Kittur (std IV)
  • Tanvi Asundi (std IV)
  • Shravana Padmannavar (std IV)
  • Krati Varshney (std IV)

Sharadhi Hegde secured Second position in Rhyme Recitation Competition.

‘3rd Satish Sugars Awards Singing Competition’

3rd Satish Sugars Awards singing Competition was organized at Belagavi recently. Around Thousands of students all over the district of Belagavi participated in this mega event.
Miss. Sakshi Nagnoor of KLEIS received 1st consolation prize in the category of 13 years . She also won the cash prize of Rs. 5000. The whole KLE family feels extremely proud of her exceptional performance.

‘MATHS PANDIT 2015-16’

KLES’ International Students of class VII, VIII and X recently participated in the ‘Maths Pandit’ competition organized by Inner wheel club of Belagavi and Career Excel on 6th Dec. 2015 in B. K Model School, Belagavi.  
Zoya Tebhala of class VIII – 1st Place
Lovesh Gulbani of class VIII – 2nd Place
Gaurang Mohta of class X – 3rd Place
Around 600 students from 20 schools across Belagavi participated.

‘Table Tennis Achievement 2015-16 ’

     CBSE, Delhi had conducted Cluster VII South zone Table tennis tournament in which Ms. Spoorti Kotian of Class X has secured 3rd position in individual category. In Team events Ms Spoorti Kotian of class X and Ms Rashmi Vihubti of class IX secured 2nd position, which was held from 29th Oct. to 31th Oct. 2015 orgainsed by Delhi Public School, Telangana where 3 states participated i.e Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana under the age group of 16(girls).

‘Silver Medal at South Zone VII Cluster Atheletics Meet. ’

     Miss Tanvi Bhujannavar of KLE International School, Belagavi, secured Silver Medal in 400 mts under 14 , organised by South Zone VII Cluster Atheletics Meet at Davangere recently. She has been qualified for Nationals to be held at Raipur- Chattisgarh. The whole KLE family feels extremely proud of her fabulous performance.

‘Gold Medal at the International Level ’

     In the Goshun Ryn Karate Federation of India at the International Level, Karate coach Mr. Madhu Patil, secured the Gold Medal in 65-70 weight category ,on 9th Oct 2015, at the Jaylalitha Indoor Stadium Chennai. Around 150 Karate Masters from both India and Malaysia participated in this mega event.

Principal and the Staff congratulated Karate Master Madhu Patil for his achievement.


     Dr. S.J Naglotimath International Prathisthana (R) and Rajiv Gandhi Rural Development Trust Belagavi jointly organized BEST SPORTS TEACHER AWARD 2015’ District and State Level. PTI Master Yashodhara D Jain, KLES’ International School, Belagavi has been honored with the ‘ BEST SPORTS TEACHER AWARD’ for the year 2015 for achievement and promoting the children in Sports field . Mr Abhay Patil EX MLA , Karanjimath Swamiji, Dr Vasanth Kulkarni Senior Prof. Bangalore, Mrs. Naglothimath and Mrs. Honoor were present during the programme. Principal and the Staff congratulated PTI Master Yashodhara D Jain for his achievement.

‘Best Teacher Award’

    Mrs Bharati Nagnoor ( M.A ,B.Ed ) KLES’ International School, Belagavi has been honored with the “ BEST TEACHER AWARD “ for the year 2014-15 at the district level on the occasion of Teachers Day. This Award was presented by  “Vishwa Kannada Balag”,  Hubballi on 12th  September 2015.
    Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra and staff of the school felicitated Mrs Bharati Nagnoor for her success  on HINDI DIVAS that was organized in the school on of 14th Sept ’15.

‘Best Performer Award’ in Spell Bee Competition

     Master Javad Khan, studying in “KLES’ INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL “ Std. III B has achieved  ‘Best Performer Award’ in Spell Bee Competition organized by Marrs International Spelling Bee School, Championship 2014-15.

KLE’s International School excels at ‘ Sci-Lit 15’

     KLE’s International School students excelled in the interschool ‘ Sci-Lit-15’ competition organized by Rotaract Club of Belgaum South at Jain Heritage School here recently.
Purva Patil and Harshita Nimbal won Second prize in ‘Create your own Newspaper’ event.
Suraj Mukannavar and Ajay Betageri won second prize in ‘Best out of Waste’.
Nupur Bagi and Ankur Dhadoti won the  Mr. and Mrs Sci and Lit-15.

Champion in 7th Grade  “Abacus Braino Brain” 2015-16

    Master Uzair A. Sunkad, studying in “KLE'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL “ grade VII B has won  Champion in 7th Grade Abacus “ Braino brain” State Level Competition held at Bangalore. Master Uzair bagged Championship among 1500 Competitors.

Cleanliness Award 2015

     KLE International School was recently honored with Cleanliness Award by Karnataka State Pollution Board and Karnataka State Forest Department. This award was given in a glittering ceremony organized in Belagavi recently. The award recognizes the hard work and the long hours  put up in cleaning the school, to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for students. This environment promotes pride in the school, in the occupants (i.e. students and staff) of the school, and the local community. KLEIS has been at the forefront in its efforts towards  protection of environment, cleanliness of the city, tree planting etc. The strong foundation as envisioned by the Chairman, Dr. Prabhakar Kore  drives the students to work relentlessly to become agents of transformation in the society.

Bharat Scouts & Guides of KLE International School Belgaum

     10 scouts, 10 guides along with Scouts Master Mr. Yashodhar Jain, & Ms. Ashwini Nayak attended the 27th State Level Jamoboree at Doddballapur from 17th Jan to 24th Jan 2015.They were awarded with batches & Certificates. Bharat Scout & Guides : School Guides Captain Mrs. Gultaz Khan, Scout Master Mr. Yashodhar Jain and Ms. Ashwini Nayak are seen below with awarded certificate and batches.


11th National Level Aloha Abacus Competition


          Prerana Bhat studying in class VI of K.L.E’S International School Belagavi participated in the 11th National Level Aloha Abacus Competition held at Chennai on 27th December 2014. She bagged the third place in the 8th and final level of Mental Arithmetic . She was trained by Mrs Bharathi Vadavi and Mrs Prachi Kabber of ‘ Disha’ Aloha , Tilakwadi Belgaum. Principal and teachers of K.L.E’S International School have always been the source of encouragement.


Karnataka State Pollution Board Control Board Belgaum-1

          Public Education Department , Environment Friendly Organisation and Dr S.J Nagalotimath Science Center Belagavi had conducted Environment Friendly School Prize Distribution Programme in Khanapur on 17 January 2015 at Government Higher Maratha Primary School Khanapur and Shri P Krishabhat was the Chief Guest . KLE International School Belagavi received Green School Award in the Environment Friendly School Competition for Schools in Belgaum District, Mrs Uma Keshwani and Mrs Meghana Patil Academic Coordinators of the school along with three students Miss Prartana Bhat, Mr Chetan.G Mr Vinay G Patil represented this event.

Victory cup in the Inter School Competitions

          The IndoSrilanka International Karate Tournament held on 14 to 16th of November 2014 in Goa. Master Rushil Dorkade won 4 rounds and bagged a Bronze medal. Refree Mr. Madhu Patil was awarded a memento as a senior refree.

               In the Inter State swimming Competition organized by Rotary Club of Ichalkaranji held on 9th Nov Dravya Patel won Ist place in Backstroke group IV and IInd place in 50 mts Butterfly group IV.
               In the Inter School Sports meet organized on 12th and 13th of Nov by Jain Heritage School Belagavi,Dravya Patel won IInd place in the swimming Backstroke and IIIrd place in the Swim Free Style, Miss Sayoni Kumar won Ist place in Swimming Brack strok , Mandar Desurkar won Ist place, Aryan Nayak won III place in Table Tennis and Soujanya Pujari won the IV place in Yoga competition respectively.
               In the Inter School Elocution and Essay competition Zoya Tebhla won the IInd place in the Eloution competition and Sanjana Kerkar won the IIIrd place in Essay competition. Hearty Congratulations from KLE staff and Principal.



      K.L.E Society celebrated its 99th Foundation Day at Belagavi.Dr.B.S.Jirge Auditorium,JNMC Campus, Nehru Nagar, on 13th November,2014 at 9.00 a.m.
       Students of KLE Institutions all over India were felicitated for their contribution in the events and competitions held in the International, National and State level.
         KLE International School Belagavi was awarded with 21 prizes for the students for their victory in the field of Yogasana, National Martial Art ,CBSE Roller Skating Championship and also for the 4 students who scored 10 CGPA CBSE Board Exams. Out of 12500 world wide schools KLE International school Belagavi was conferred with Sports Promotion Award by CBSE Delhi recognizing the services in the field of sports for last 3 years. The head of the KLE International school Belagavi Mrs. Arti Mishra was honoured with school award,this achievement is noted to be for the first time in the history of KLE CBSE School in the umbrella of Karnataka Lingayat Education Society.


Sl No.





Prerna Bhatt


2 Gold.1 Bronze 1 ,Silver,National Level


Soujanya Pujari


2 Gold, National Level


Spoorti Koujalgi

Yoga Martial Arts

1Silver,1 Bronze National Level


Anushika Chavan


2 Gold National Level


Kartik Mallur


1.Bronze National Level


Gouri Ammanagi


1.Bronze National Level


Aditya Charantimath

Martial Arts

1 Gold National Level


Rushil Dorkadi

Martial Arts

1Bronze, National Level


Anish Bhatkhande

Martial Arts

1Bronze, National Level


Pradhyum Roa

Martial Arts

1Bronze, National Level


Khushagra Chindak

Martial Arts

1Bronze, National Level


Students with 10 CGPA  AT CBSE Board Exams


Sl No.

Students Name

1 Aishwarya Korishetty
2 Hari Herekar
3 Harsh Desai
4 Priyanka Mishra
5 Yogita Pattan


An appreciation letter from Mrs.Smriti Irani 18 July 2014

An appreciation letter from Mrs.Smriti Zubin Irani, Honourable Minister,Human Resource development at the Government at the Government of India. This appreciation letter is not only to the Principal but to the teacher teaching class X of KLES’ International School Belagavi. We find no words to present our gratitude towards this appreciation. We take this as a motivation and an achievement. We make no mistake to put forth the best of us in every field possible. Thanking Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani and assuring her to carry forward this success in all the years to come.


Singing Competition

Singing competition organized recently by Dr Gangubai Hangal Music Foundation at Hubli.About 60 students of the age group 8 to 16 years had participated in the competition.The children were from all over North Karnataka.Miss Sakshi N Naganoor OF KlE’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL won the 3rd prize in the competition.She was awarded by on of the renowned Kannada playback singer Shree Rajesh Krishna








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