Diwali Celebration    

Happy Diwali! Let's not forget our Nature, this Diwali celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. 

The celebration of Diwali, 'The festival of lights' came alive in KLES International School, Belagavi  on 12 th October when the school celebrated the joyous occasion by understanding its importance in todays world.. Students talked about the significance of the festival - how good always conquered the evil and also about why and how Diwali was celebrated across India. Besides sensitizing students to the ill-effects of crackers, they also shared the guidelines on being safe while bursting them.

A colourful back drop heralding Diwali festival, prepared by the art and craft teachers,      Ms. Pooja Chavan and Mr. Acharya set the mood for the festivities.

The celebration began with the narration of Lord Ramas inspirational life story.  It enlightened the students on Diwali being all about welcoming Lord  Ram, Laxman and Lord Rams wife Sita back to their kingdom Ayodhya after putting an end to the  evil force, Ravan.  People of Ayodhya welcomed them by lighting hundreds of diyas which dispelled the darkness of evil, sorrow and hatred. Diwali or Dipawali literally means Rows of lamps. It also gave a very important message that true Diwali spirit means sharing our things with poor, who do not have the means to celebrate this festival.  A powerpoint presentation by Miss. Sharadi showing the significance of all the five days during the Diwali festival made it all the more inspiring, interesting and inspirational. Mrs. Neeta Choudhari was in charge of the celebrations along with Mrs. Indira Yadav and Mrs. Leena Kolkar. The assembly concluded with Principal Ma'am giving away the message of a clean, peaceful and a bright Diwali.

  Gandhi Jayanti Celebration    

 Be the change that you want to see in the World --By Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, reverentially known as Mahatma Gandhi or simply Gandhiji, is truly the Father of the Nation. It was his charisma that united the nation against the British. His passion and vision kept the movement going through thick and thin until freedom was won.
His principles of truth and non-violence, love for simplicity, hygiene and discipline and his tools of Satyagraha and Non-Cooperation Movement made him a truly iconic figure to reckon with and loved by millions all over the world.
Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley and the staff of KLES International School, on this auspicious day, contributed in a cleanliness drive around the school premises. The Principal, reiterated that fulfilling ones duty with sincerity and conviction, however trivial it may be, would definitely reap rich dividends in the near future and inspire the next generation

  Swachch Bharat Pledge    

As per the CBSE directive, the Principal, Staff members and the students of KLES International School, Belagavi took the Swachh Bharat Pledge on 1st of September 2017 during the morning assembly. They  promised to initiate the quest for cleanliness and propagate the message of Swachh Bharat Mission in villages and towns and ensure the participation of every individual in the Swachhta mission.


'Teachers Day Celebration'


A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

It really takes a big heart to help shape little minds. The children of KLES International School, celebrated children's day by honoring  and appreciating  the teachers and confessed that it was only and only because  of the teachers  wise council and guidance that they were  emboldened  and  faced  the future with confidence.  They expressed their gratitude  for  all the lessons,  both  formal and informal that they had  learned from their teachers and  truly appreciated  their  efforts in nurturing their talents. They whole heartedly agreed to fact that being a teacher  is the highest privilege but having one is the best blessing. The children  had  arranged a wonderful game for the teachers and also entertained the teachers by  dancing  to the beats of the latest chartbusters.  The overall show  truly proved the point that teachers could indeed change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.


'KLE International School celebrates Hindi Diwas'

  'Hindi is the soul of Indian Culture    

Hindi Diwas was celebrated with much fanfare on 14th Sept. 2017 in a  special assembly.  The students as well as the teachers participated enthusiastically in the assembly and proved yet again that Hindi is the heart and soul of Indian culture.  The Hindi diwas witnessed a thought provoking pledge, swaraswati vandana and funny anecdotes at the beginning of the programme. A beautiful skit highlighting the origin of the Hindu language, its importance and popularity was performed, remarkably well by the Hindi teachers. Principal Dipti Ingley in her message said that it was heartening to know that Hindi was loved by the young and the old  and shared the same platform with the English language in terms of its popularity and usage. She stressed on the need  to create an awareness among the young readers about its rich and dynamic literature. The special assembly on Hindi Diwas came to a close with the national anthem. The programme was organized by  Ms. Bharti Nagnoor, Ms. Savita Bhendigeri, Ms. Bharati Aigali, Ms. Vijaya Jadhav, Ms. Seema U., Ms. Rini Singh, Ms. Girija and Ms. Soumya.

  "Ganesh Chaturthi celebration"

Good luck, good fortune, wealth and prosperity May you be blessed with all these and more. 
Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at KLES' International School, Belagavi on 24th Aug. 2017.

  "Independence Day Celebration"


 Independence day for any country is a moment of pride and glory. This day reminds us of the countless sacrifices of our freedom fighters. In order to pay our tribute and rejoice in the glory of our Independence,we celebrate this day every year with great zeal and patriotic fervour. The celebrations began with the unfurling of the tricolour by our Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley and the singing of the National Anthem in unison. Speeches were delivered in English, Kannada and Hindi on the significance of the day. Students of the four Houses participated in the Patriotic singing competition and the Ruby House bagged the first place followed by Topaz, Sapphire and Emerald house respectively. The highlights included the March Past by the four houses, NCC and the Scouts and Guides contingent respectively. The judges for the day were Dr. Preethi Hajare and Dr. Maryam Tebhla. Dr. Maryam Tebhla expressed her feelings in the form of a melodious patriotic song. The celebrations came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.  

  "Kore Sir's 70th Birthday Celebration"

A lifetime of memories, A lifetime of stories.

A lifetime of patience,
A lifetime of excellence,
A lifetime of hardwork,
A lifetime of integrity.
This is your life, all the way to seventy.
I hope you continue living just as gloriously,
Happy 70th Birthday
Our beloved Chairman, Dr. Prabhakar Kore is celebrating his 70th Birthday today.
Celebrations and social service camps were todays highlights.
KLES International School had a special assembly with the children applauding Dr. Kores valuable contribution in the field of education and charity. The school choir sang a beautiful composition on this joyous occasion. The nightingale of the school Ms. Sakshi Nagnoor rendered a melodious birthday song. The pre-primary and the primary children dressed up as angels enjoyed themselves immensely and were an inseparable part of the ceremony.


 The head boy Master Lovesh Gulbani and the head girl Zoya T steered the show effortlessly.The students and staff of class X visited Shantai Vrudhashram and spent a fruitful time with the aged. They celebrated Dr. Kores birthday by cutting a cake and distributing biscuits.


Similarly, class VII along with the staff visited Chikkumbi Math and had a wonderful time with the orphans there. Our children felt a healing and a peaceful experience and wanted to visit it more often.The Principal Mrs. Dipti Ingley and Mrs. Bharati Nagnoor were incharge of the birthday celebrations and managed to convey the appreciation and love of KLE family towards Chairmans Sir in the most exquisite and remarkable manner.

  " Scholastic Book Fair"

Reading is dreaming with open eyes

Book Fairs serve to promote the habit of reading in school-going children. By offering children a wide selection of books and related material through the school system, we wish to give them an opportunity to read. So KLES International School in association with Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. organized a Book Fair in the school premises from 27th to 29th July 2017 during the school hours.
  "Faber Castel  Art Competation"

Art speaks where words are unable to explain

Faber Castell had organised an All India Calendar Art Competition on  27th  July 2017 for classes I to X . The themes for the competition were:  A day on the beach(Grade I to 4) and India of my dreams ( Grade 5 to 10). There was a tremendous response from the students.
  "Van Mahotsava"
  Van Mahotsava is celebrated as a carnival of life. In India, it was started as a movement to save mother earth.
KLE International School participated in the tree plantation drive]]reate awareness about the need to nurture trees as theyre one of the best methods to limit global warming and diminish pollution.
Mr. Arun Jadhav, Mr. Yashodharan Jain, Mr. Bhaurao Patil and Ms. Reshma deserve a special mention here as it was quite a Herculean task, managing the whole show but they sailed through with flying colours.
The Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley appreciated the joint efforts of the children and the teachers and congratulated the team on their brilliant effort.
  "Eid Celebration"

KLES International School celebrated Eid in a special assembly with children of grade II informing us about its significance, the overall belief in their daily p5ayer, fast, charity and pilgrimage undertaken to their holy place, Mecca. The skit and the prayer song expressed the universal love amongst its fellow mates. The assembly was conducted by Ms. Shaheen.

  "Investiture ceremony 2017-18"

KLE International School, Belagavi had organized the Investiture ceremony for the year 2017-18.

The investiture ceremony is one of the momentous occasions of the school where the newly elected and selected members of the schools senate are officially vested with their powers and positions.

Students of today are the visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow. When we hone our skills, develop our personality and tame our mind, we develop responsible human beings with leadership qualities.

On this occasion the distinguished Chief Guest Col. K V Srinivas, Commander GP HQ NCC congratulated the newly elected council members and stressed on the significance of setting the right goals, prioritising them and aiming high to achieve the best in the respective fields.

The Student Cabinet members are as follows:

Head boy:  Master Lovesh Gulbani , Head Girl: Ms. Zoya Tebla
The Vice Head Boy :Master Om Rupchandani ,  Vice Head Girl: Ms. Prerana Bhatt .

Sports Captain : Master Amogh Naik , Vice Sports Captain: Master Iresh Kodhagi.

 The House Mistresses, Captains, Vice Captains of  the four houses are as follows:  

Sapphire House: House Mistress: Mrs. Savita Bhandari

Captain: Ms. Akshita Ravindra

Vice Captain: Ms. Diya Hattarki.

 Emerald House:  House Mistress: Ms. Apoorva Gudi

Captain: Ms. Shambhavi Singh

 Vice Captain: Ms. Kadambari Pillankar.

Topaz House:  House Mistress: Mrs. Uma Keshwani

 Captain: Ms. Reith Rathore

Vice Captain: Master Prem Mukannavar.

Ruby House:  House Mistress: Mrs. Vijaya Jadhav

Captain: Master Piyush Desphande

Vice Captain:Ms. Aishwarya Jamkhandi.

The Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley has congratulated the newly appointed cabinet members and wished them the very best.

                                                                                                   "SCHOLAR BADGE"   

                                            The work of today is the history of tomorrow and we are its makers
KLE International School, Belagavi, students from I to X were awarded scholar badge as recognition of their outstanding academic merit and excellence for the year 2016-17. The students were awarded certificates and mementos by the esteemed Chief Guest Dr. M. S. Patil, Principal of KLE Independent PU College, Belagavi. He applauded the achievements of the young scholars and encouraged one and all to strive for their goals. Principal Dipti Ingley formally welcomed the gathering and acknowledged the efforts of the school and the parents in moulding the personality of the children. A cultural programme comprising a group song, dance and yoga performance were also the highlights of this spectacular ceremony.


Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind

The purpose of International Yoga Day is to promote yoga and make  it a part and parcel of everyone's daily routine.

KLE International School celebrated the International Yoga day on 21st June with the students and the teachers participating  in  different  yoga practices  and  asanas  to promote overall development in both the mental and the physical health.

The special assembly was a beautiful array of a beautiful dance blended with the yogic postures, interesting information about the benefits of yoga and an interactive session conducted by the yoga coaches, Mrs. Arati Sankeswari and Ms. Ashwini Naik.

The Principal, Mrs. Deepti Ingley  reiterated that regular practice of yoga would not only help us have a fit body and a sound mind, but would  also take care of all disorders. She stressed the need to nurture and cultivate the age old and most popular Indian form of enlightening oneself through yoga. These yoga practices have excelled the other art  forms like zumba  and aerobic exercises over the past few years.


                                      The Finest Gesture One Can Make Is To Save Life By Donating Blood.

KLE International School, Belagavi witnessed a special assembly on 14th June 2017, harping the importance of blood donation and how it impacts  the lives of the needy and the sick. A beautiful skit by class VII, on the need to donate blood and the relevant information about the different blood groups along with the necessary criteria for the ideal donor were stressed.







   He who plants a tree, plants a hope for a better tomorrow KLE International School, Belagavi had a week long celebration
of the much anticipated, World Environment Day with the pre-primary children planting saplings in the school premises on 9th
June 2017. Class V and VI students participated in the slogan writing competition on the topic, Protect the Nature to herald
a green revolution The Principal Ms. Dipti Ingley, stressed that all of us are naturalists and nature lovers at heart but in today's stressful world we have forgotten to stand and stare at the enticing nature.

   "ANNUAL ELECTION 2017"   

  Annual Elections were held to elect the student council on Thursday,  8th June 2017. The students from classes VIII to X along  with the Principal and  staff cast their precious votes.
                                                                                          "WORLD EARTH DAY" 





                     The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.

   Eco Club of KLES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BELAGAVI celebrated WORLD EARTH DAY on 21st April, 2017 to save the natural assets of the earth.
The students of Grade IX-C conducted a special assembly under the guidance of the class teacher, Mrs.Uma Keswani.
A mime act was presented by the students and speeches were delivered on the issues such as the day to day
environment deterioration, air and water pollution, ozone layer deterioration, industrialization, deforestation prevention of oil spills, use and production of pesticides.
This significant day has helped to spread awareness among the students about the Environment and Climate Literacy.
Saplings were gifted to the birthday students to encourage growing of trees.
Mrs. Neeta Choudhari enlightened the young minds to keep the environment clean, by using the natural resources such as water judiciously.

                     "World Health Day celebrated at KLEIS"


  KLES International School, Belagavi observed World Health Day on 7th April 2017 to create awareness amongst the students to follow a healthy diet routine. A skit Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy was performed by the students of grade 7 with the message of Health is Wealth.


  "Science of today is the technology of tomorrow" Edward Teller

Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity and the science of today is technology of tomorrow.

KLE International School celebrated National Science Day in the special assembly to mark the 90th Anniversary of the day when Raman Effect was discovered by Nobel Laureate C.V Raman.

The theme for the year 2017 was "Science and Technology" for the specially abled persons.

The Science Day oath was taken by all the students.

Video display  highlighting all the milestones of ISRO and  C.V Raman's greatest discovery brought essence to the day. 

Principal Dipti Ingley awarded prizes of Science Exhibition and Quiz to the students.

Science Exhibition winner list:

Std I

  • 1st place  Atharva Savanur
  • 2nd place Mhd. Mustaqeem Samasher
  • 3rd place Lavith Hiremath

Std II

  • 1st place Ira Prabhu
  • 2nd place was bagged by Vedant boli 
  • 3rd place was awarded to Veera Jamadade


  • 1st place was awarded to Sharadhi Hegde
  • 2nd place was bagged by Ananya Pai and Siddhi Govekar
  • 3rd place was awarded to Gouri Nerlekar

Std IV

  • 1st place was awarded to Nishanth  Naduwinmani and Aradhya Patil                           
  • 2nd place was bagged by Shreya Karanavi and Harshada bhosle
  • 3rd place was awarded to Saish Ambar

 Std V

  • 1st place was awarded to Swara Kshatriya   and Reeth Jakkannavar                         
  • 2nd place was bagged by Ruhan N and Saketh Hanji
  • 3rd place was awarded to Aaradhya Jadhav and Riddhi Jadhav

 Std VI to X

  • 1st place was awarded to Ajay Bettageri   and Nishad Kulkarni   of std X                      
  • 2nd place was bagged by  Arush Doddwad and Atharva Munavalli of std VII
  • 3rd place was awarded to Nupur Bagi, Purva Patil  and Shradha Goswami of std X

 Special prize for making Smart City was awarded to Class I D.

 Science Quiz for Seniors ( Grade 8 and 9)  Winners List

  • 1st Place : Ruby House

Participants: Vijay Anand, Nikita Vagarali and Yukti Bangera

  •  2nd  Place : Emerald House

Participants: Lovesh Gulbani, Vinyas Shetty and Prerana Bhat

 Juniors ( Grade 6 and 7)

  • 1st Place : Sapphire House

Participants: Spoorti Charantimath, Mandavi Singh and Khushi Nesari

  •  2nd  Place : Ruby House

Participants: Arush Doddwad, Aatri Khan  and Tanvi Kittur

Consolation : Topaz House

Participants: Prem Mukkannavar, Poorvi Konthi and Shashank Patil


               "Measles and Rubella (MR) National Vaccination Campaign"

     "Measles and Rubella (MR) National Vaccination Campaign was conducted on 13th Feb. 2017 in the school, during school       hours for pre-primary to X students".


         "A time for looking forward, a time to set new goals, to dream new dreams, to try your wings and see what lies beyond".

"Good Luck Wishes for Grade X"

     A Good Luck programme was organized for the students of Grade X on 3rd and 4th of Feb. 2017. The fundamentals of education being done, A fresh batch of X standard students step out into the real world. Time for best wishes finally dawned… and a whole new chapter begins for each one.
Principal Mrs. Dipti Ingley, a lady of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas was the Guest of the day. In her Message said that this event symbolizes the belief of both the school and the parents that the student is ready to take up greater challenges, it is now time to move on to the lesson of life. Although symbolic as the end of an important phase in one's life, it also marks the beginning of a life time of exploration.
The teachers at the school have been an integral part of the journey. The very hands that held hands in times of need and patted when needed comforting will now leave behind a symbolic pin to cherish for all times to come.
  • The day became a memorable one with the Dance performance for the students of grade 8.

  • Head Boy Master Ankur Dhadoti and Head Girl Miss. Nupur Bagi and others shared their experiences and views.

  • Karate Display was initiated by Mr. Madhu Patil and students team. 

  • Special awards were given away by the Principal Student of the Year was conferred to Head Girl Miss. Nupur Bagi.

  • Sports Person title was awarded to Master Harsh Desai.

  • Master Om Bhusari was also acknowledged for his accomplishments in the Cultural field during the year.
    Farewell song was sung by the choir group. Miss. Apoorva Gudi proposed Vote of Thanks.


68th Republic Day Celebration



68th Republic Day was celebrated with all its solemnity and grandeur by KLE International School on 26th January 2017. An air of patriotic fervor filled the atmosphere. Principal Ms. Dipti Ingley unfurled the national flag.  The special features  of the programme were March past by the NCC, Scouts and Guides and the four house contingents. Speech was given by the  student  Ms. Spoorti  Koujalgi of Grade 8, patriotic song was sung by the choir group and beautiful dance performance gave special touch for the event.





"May the Miracle of Christmas fill your, heart with joy" Christmas was celebrated with full spirit on 23rd of December 2016 by the students. A wonderful play depicting the birth of Lord Jesus in a unique and interesting manner was enacted by the students. Grade 7 and 8 students danced to the tune of Jingle bells and Last Christmas. Christmas carols were sung.

Local The whole school wore a festive look and was tastefully decorated. Santa danced to the tune of various Christmas songs. Principal Dipti Ingley expressed her delight on seeing such enthusiasm in the children who brought the spirit of Christmas to life. The students from LKG to 5 grade were in red and white...Everybody enjoyed thoroughly and imbibed a message of loving, caring, sharing and respecting all, as was preached by Jesus himself. Teachers as secret Santa exchanged gifts to each other.





Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Divas, is celebrated in India in honor of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar, known as the architect of the Indian constitution. The Government of India declared 26th  November as Constitution Day. On this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India, and it went into effect on 26 January 1950.

The Constitution Day was celebrated at KLES’ International School on 26thNovember, 2016, to spread awareness about the Indian Constitution and to instill a sense of patriotism among the students. The Assembly began with the Principal addressing the students from classes VI to X about the significance of the Constitution Day and the importance of being a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular,  Democratic and Republic country. The Principal led the students in taking the pledge by reciting The Preamble to the Constitution. The day ended with students of class VI to IX participating in a Poster Making Competition and Essay Writing where they had to reflect their thought on the principle of the Preamble.




The KLE Society, an organization dedicated to Transforming Lives through Education, Healthcare and Research is presently in its Centenary Year since establishment. The centenary commemorations have been ongoing over the past one and a half year and have included several events in the academic, healthcare and cultural domains.

 SHATAM-2016 is a series of events that commemorate the 100th Year of the KLE Society.

It incorporates the elements of Nritya (Dance), Krida (Play), Natya (Drama) and Kala Kriti (Creativity),  participated by thousands of students and staff members of the KLE Family.




Students of KLE International  school represented cultural performance in the form of Flash Mob at 10 A.M and 6 P.M on three different days 7th, 8th & 9th Nov. 2016 at location Hanuman Nagar near Hanuman Circle, Belagavi.





 Graffiti Creation competition was also organized on the walls along the pavement leading from Dharmaveer Sambhaji  Circle to Chennamma Circle with various creative representations depicting 'Indian Heritage and Culture'. Our students Master Lovesh Gulbani, Master Abdul Kalal, Master Ritesh Diojod, Master Aryan Porwal and Master Vinyas Shetty from Grade 9 accompanied by Mr. Acharya,  participated in the event.





Students from  grade 7th  to 10th along with Principal and teachers  also participated in the "Clean the City" Campaign, which created cleanliness awareness among the people. This campaign was carried at Hanuman Nagar, Jadhav Nagar and Rail Nagar Belagavi.

Local Sanitation workers who shoulder their responsibilities in keeping the city clean throughout the year were felicitated with T-Shirts carrying Centenary celebration Logo. The dignitaries present were

Shri. M.M. Kavatgimath (M.L.C. Member, Board of Management KLE Society). Dr. N.S. Mahantshetti, Dr. M.V. Jalli  and Principal Dipti Ingley.   Corporators of the respective wards: Mrs. Anushree Deshpande, Mr. Mahantesh Kagatikar, Mr. Pintoo Siddiqui and Mrs. Sarla Herekar. Dr. H.B.Rajshehan were also present.

  KLES' International School participated in Centenary Rally on 12th Nov. 2016.

  Children's Day




Children's Day celebration with the theme "HALLOWEEN" was a grand success. Students dressed with the creative scary costumes with no stones left unturned was a treat to the eyes.

On 11th Nov. 2016 exciting assembly was put up by the teachers, there was a group dance, popular numbers were sung with great zeal. Students thoroughly enjoyed the colourful extravaganza. Principal Dipti Ingley wished the students. Sweets were distributed towards the end of the programme.

  KLE International School celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava on November 01, 2016.


Kannada Rajyotsava, also called Karnataka Formation Day, was celebrated with flag hoisting and speeches reflecting the glorious past of the state. Students also sang Nade Geethe and Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku. Principal Dipti Ingley in her message wished the students and the staff on this auspicious day.  Incharge of the programme was Mr. Manjunath.

  Dussehra celebration


Special assembly was organized on Dussehra Celebration on 6th Oct. 2016 to celebrate the victory of good over the evil. Students and teachers delivered speeches on the importance of the eve and made the assembly a meaningful experience.

  Health checkup


Routine Health Checkup of the students for the academic year 2016-17 was held in the school premises by the KLE Hospital doctors.

  KLE International School celebrates Hindi Diwas


Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 14th Sept. 2016. The Chief Guest for the day was Mrs. Swatee Sandeep Jog -Dean HR of Bhartesh Global Business School.  A special assembly marked the occasion where in the students participated enthusiastically in the assembly and took it to a higher level by giving Hindi due importance.  Speeches were delivered highlighting the birth of Hindi, followed by recitation of Couplets of famous poets like Kabir, Rahim and Tulsidas  by the students, teachers and parents. Mime enactment done by the students enthralled the audience. Students created slogans on the Hindi language in the contemporary society. Chief Guest in her golden words spoke on the essence of the language that brings unity among the Indians. Principal Dipti Ingley in her message said All human beings come to the world with the ability to express themselves through language. We are also born wired to connect to one another. One of the most powerful and important ways we can connect with others is through our language. The day ended with the National Anthem. Programme was organized by  Ms. Bharti Nagnoor, Ms. Savita Bhendigeri, Ms. Bharati Aigali, Ms. Vijaya Jadhav and Ms. Manju Kumar.

  Teachers Day Celebration


"Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning"

Teachers play influencing role in ones lives and Teachers Appreciation Day is a tribute to the contribution made by the teachers to the society. The theme this year was 'Carnival'. Teacher's day provided  the students opportunity to convey the message that they care for their teachers just as the teachers do. Principal Dipti Ingley in her message said : Apart from the celebration and fun aspect of the day, teacher's day is also the time to look back, admire and get inspired by Dr. Radhakrishnan and his set principles towards education.

  Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration


"Spread message of Honesty and Love"

The students were in high spirits as they celebrated "Ganesh Chaturthi" festival in a unique way in the special assembly on 6th Sept. 2016.  A "Bhajan Sandhya" consisting of "slokas" on Lord Ganesha was recited followed by arti. There was a rhythmic classical group dance performed by the students that induced a festive spirit. Principal Dipti Ingley gave meaningful message on the values of obedience and discipline.


  Take a Lead and Read


To enhance the literary skills, inculcate love for reading in students and infuse the students with appreciation and usage of English language in their daily life, KLES' International School in association with Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. organized a "Book Fair" in the school premises from 25th to 27th of August 2016 during the school hours. On this occasion Plethora of literary competitions and activities had been organized. The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm by showcasing their hidden talents in the activities such as Poem recitation, Book review, Know an author, Slogan writing, Greeting card making and Puppet show. It was a great success with maximum participation by the students which helped them in enhancing their varied skills.

  Triumph of good over the evil


Students of primary wing celebrated Krishna Janmashtami with great pomp and fervor. The young Kanaya's and Gopika's were decked up in all their finery. A short skit was performed on the miraculous birth of Lord Krishna. The show stopper was Lord Krishna's favourite act of stealing of Makhan. The entire show brought a festive look to the school.

  Felicitation of freedom fighter


 "Be the change you want to see in the world"

Shri Gangappa Muddappa Malagi freedom fighter was felicitated in KLES' International School in the special assembly on 19th Aug. 2016. Students sang patriotic songs and enacted role play on freedom fighters. Shri Gangappa Muddappa Malagi  in his address to the students spoke on the values of sacrifice and courage. He urged the students to have a strong belief in the ultimate victory of the people in the war against oppression, rededicate themselves to their lofty ideals and values.

Principal Dipti Ingley in her message said Shri Malagi stands tall as an idol of Gandhism even in today's corrupt era and we should imbibe his values of national unity and communal harmony.

  Independence Day Celebration


 "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

KLE International School Belagavi celebrated 70th Independence Day on 15th August. To invoke patriotism and pride students had a march past led by the School Prefect and their respective House Captains, patriotic melodies with the cadence of motivation extolled the magnanimity of our dearest motherland and the supreme sacrifice of the freedom fighters who paved the way for the glory of our freedom. The message that exercising should be an integral part of our fitness regime and that it can be great fun was conveyed through the power-packed performance of drill. This auspicious day was marked by speech by our Principal Dipti Ingley in her message she said for any country, its journey into the future is influenced by the journey of the past ,and therefore it's important for the present generation to know and recognize the sacrifices that our  forefathers made for the freedom that we take for granted.

 Students and Teachers also gave speeches in recognition of the sacrifices of our leaders and people who have fought for the country's independence.

Drawing Competition was organized from LKG to II std on this occasion.

 The ceremony concluded with prize distribution and National Anthem.

Results of the competition organized.

1. March Past award was taken away by Topaz House.

2. Patriotic Songs :

1st Prize- Emerald House

2nd Prize - Ruby House

3rd Prize- Topaz House

  'True Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders'


On the pretext of NCC, ALTI India Camp and a visit to Naval base, INS Vikram Aditya was organized for the students of the school on 23rd July 2016. We had the presence of esteemed and honourable Chief Guest for the day Col. Kirpal Singh, Gp Cdr. NCC Belagavi and Ms. Suman, Psychologist was also present. Medals were distributed to the students who participated in the camp with zeal and zest.


  Chairman Dr. Prabhakar Kore's,  69th birthday celebration




Student's celebrated Chairman Dr. Prabhakar Kore's, 69th birthday in today's special assembly. This special occasion has given lakhs of people the privilege and opportunity of celebrating his birthday. Principal Dipti Ingley in her speech remarked "Our beloved Chairman has exhibited uncommon quality, remarkable vision and exemplary leadership. These moments of celebration are perhaps also moments to pause a little and ask ourselves, what exactly we are celebrating , as reaching this grand age should itself always be a cause of celebration, as a long life, well lived with its share of accomplishments and difficulties, is a source of joy to all."
The Principal, staff, students and parent's owe our dear sir a great debt of gratitude and thus salute him saying "God Bless You". Visit to "Chikumbimath Orphanage"
Deeds of giving are the very foundation of the world . Students of grade 8 along with escort teacher Ms. Sanjivani , Ms. Belinda and Mr. Jain had been to the Chikumbimath Orphanage on the occasion of Birthday of our Chairman Dr Prabhakar Kore on 1st August. Students of the orphanage and the school cut the cake. Sweets were distributed and grains were donated on this auspicious day.


  Eid  celebration


Eid  celebration in KLES' International School by the students of std V, VI and VIII. It was a celebration guided by the Teacher Mrs. Rayesa. Students enacted skits depicting the significance of the festival Ramazan and sang song dedicated to Prophet Muhammad. Principal Mrs. Deepti Ingale appreciated the participants for their performance. 


  World Population Day


KLE'S celebrated the World Population Day in the special assembly this morning. Students spoke on the importance of the day. A skit was enacted to emphasis the essence of the day. Principal Deepti Ingley spoke about the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme that recommended 11th  July to  be observed by the International community as World Population Day, a day to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues with the current year's theme being 'Investing in teenage girls'.


  Umbrella Day

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet!!!

It was a delight to watch the students of grade I and II  walk with the umbrellas decorated creatively. Umbrella always attract children as rainbow, which they simply adore.  KLE International School celebrated Umbrella Day on 15th July 2016 so as to tell the children the importance of colours and to correlate it with umbrella. Our Principal Mrs. Deepti Ingale encouraged the students and was a part of the event.


International Yoga Day 2016-17



 The International Day of Yoga was observed in KLE International School on June 21st 2016. Children  performed yoga asanas which proved to be holistic approach to health and well-being. The Chief guest for the occasion were Mr.Prasad Thorat and Mr.Kishan Thorat who had crossed boundaries at India's got Talent  gave a flawless yoga performance. Principal of the school and teacher staff also joined in the yoga performance event organized by Ms. Arati Sankeshwari and Ms. Ashwini.


                                                                     Investiture ceremony "Launching Future Leaders"-(10th June 2016)



  Uneasy is the head that wears the crown. With power comes great responsibility. KLE International School Belagavi organized Investiture ceremony for the year 2016-17.
The Captains and the prefects representatives of the student body took the oath of office with a promise that they would carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence It was simultaneously a moment of pride and humbleness of authority with accountability and above all service.
On this occasion the Chief Guest Police Inspector Traffic North Belagavi Mr. Javed Mushapuri congratulated the newly elected council members and stressed on the significance of setting priorities and aiming high.
The student council members are as following :
Ankur Dhadoti and Nupur Bagi took oath as Head boy and Head girl respectively.
The Vice Head Boy and Vice Head Girl Lovesh Gulbani and Khushi Bhati .
Sports Captain Rochan Bachari as Captain and Vice Sports Captain: Rochan Bachri.
Captains for the four houses are :-
Sapphire House Tanvi Bhujannavar as Captain and Akshita Ravindra as Vice Captain.
Emerald House Supriya Gouraj as Captain and as Vice Captain Shambhavi Singh.
Topaz House Zoya Tebhla as Captain and Vice Captain: Reeth Rathod.
Ruby House Captain as Nikita Vagarali and Vice Captain:Yukta Bangera
Principal Arti Mishra called upon the Prefect Body to take their responsibilities seriously and represent themselves as Student Leaders who uphold – the fine traditions of KLE International School. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.


                                                                                                                 Environment Day



  Environment Day was observed to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. The school authorities of KLE International School motivated the students to plant more and more trees in order to make the surroundings green. A tree plantation drive was organized around the school campus. The Theme for the year 2016 being ; Illegal Trade in Wildlife Principal Arti Mishra in her speech -World Environment Day 2016- encouraged the students to celebrate all those species under threat and take action of our own to help safeguard them for future generations. Whoever you are, and wherever you live, show zero-tolerance for the illegal trade in wildlife in word and deed, and make a difference.


                                                                                                                 SCHOLAR BADGE CEREMONY 2015-16



  KLE International School Belagavi students from I to X were acknowledged for excellence in academics for scoring highest in the aggregate for the session 2015-16.The students were handed over with certificates and badges by the esteemed Chief Guest Mr Nandan Gajbiye Sr. Regional Manager HPCL Belagavi commented that the gleaming enthusiasm and the triumphant spirit of the young scholars can be seen and felt, he congratulated the students and wished them success in all their upcoming challenges.
Principal Arti Mishra congratulated all the awardees and their parents and hoped they would strive harder to scale greater heights of achievements in all their future endeavors.
A motivational song and a Kathak performance, too were a part of the programme.


                                                                                                                  Fresher’s Day



  Welcome Day is a long-held tradition at KLE International School Belagavi Principal, staff and students at KLE International School gave a warm welcome with fresher's card to the new students for the academic year 2016-17 on Saturday, June 4th.
"We care You" matter as an individual student and we are really going to do everything we can to make sure you have a positive school year and build a community spirit that is so important in the school, said by Principal Arti Mishra in her welcome speech.

                                                                                                                    Annual Election 2016-17


  Annual Elections were organized to elect prefect body on Friday, 3rd June 2016. Students from grade VII to X and Staff members had a privilege to vote the student cabinet.

                                                                                                                    The National Science Day


  KLE'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BELGAUM celebrated The National Science Day with the objective of spreading a message about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life of the people. To commemorate the day the students of 2nd Grade performed an Action song based on the theme of environment. Fancy dress on Healthy and Junk food was organized and the students from Std 1st participated for the same. There was a wonderful action song sung by the students of 2nd std on 'Save Electricity'. Further to add grace to the programme there was a skit enacted by the students of 6th std. Skit on Conservation of energy added knowledge to the day's occasion. Monoact representation of different elements was presented by 9th Grade students. The programme ended with the Robotic Dance performed by the students of 7th and 8th Grade. The whole event was guided by the Co-ordinator and head of department Ms Uma Keshwani. Principal Arti Mishra appreciated the efforts put up by the students and the staff.

                                                                                                                    Good Luck Farewell 16!!!

       KLEIS  bid adieu and  best wishes to the students of grade X on Saturday 6th  2016. Principal Arti Mishra in her speech said that students become the most important asset of the school, without them schools and teachers are nothing. However, it is also true that a student is nothing or incomplete without a good teacher. So, both are equally responsible for each others significance. We cannot say that only teachers play great role in the students life alone, however; students also play great role in making the value and importance of teachers. Both needs equal participation in shaping the students career. Finally she concluded saying "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value."


   High School Annual Day 2015

  KLE International School celebrated the Annual Function for class VII to X titled "MOSAIC" on in the evening.
The Chief Guest on the occasion was Shri.Ravi S.IPS Commissioner of Police, Belagavi.
The occasion was also graced by Shri Umesh Kumar IPS Inspector General of Police Northern Range Belagavi.
The occasion was also graced by the presence of Mrs Anita Lagmavar Principal Of Banyan School.
Shri.Ravi S in his speech remarked Teachers are role models for the students and the students look upon them, not only to teach & teach well, but also, to give them the advice & direction to shape their destiny as well, and to see that they do not go astray in absence of proper guidance and adequate care.
Principal Arti Mishra read the Annual Report for the academic 2015-16 where in she mentioned that the school was one out of 15000 schools in the country to receive the 'Sports Promotion Award ' in Delhi from Mrs Smriti Zubin Irani HRD Minister.
The harmonious and synchronizing Instrumental fusion was a lovely captivating and splendid performance put up by the students. There was a Yoga performance displayed by the students. Mime performance by the senior students using only gesture, expression, and movement was exceptional and breath taking.
JEM parents were also felicitated on this occasion.


   'MOSAIC' Middle School Annual Day 2015

  KLE International School celebrated the Annual Function of the Primary Wing from class IV to VI titled "MOSAIC" on 23rd December 2015. It was a confluence of Cultural programmes guided under the able Stewardship of teachers.
The Chief Guests on the occasion was Col. Kirpal Singh Group Commander NCC Group Headquarters, Karnataka & Goa
The occasion was also graced by the presence of Dr. Preeti Doddwad, Coordinator KLES' English Medium Schools, Mrs Asha Kore,Mrs Anita Laggmavar Principal Of Banyan School.
Col. Kirpal Singh in his speech remarked that the school should continue to inspire young minds and nurture them such that they go on to become future leaders of not just our country but the world.
The harmonious and synchronizing Instrumental fusion was captivating and splendid performance put up by the students. Song by the students of Maheshwari Blind School was a melodious performance. Yoga performance displayed by the students was magical and spellbound with excellent acrobatic moves. .
Dr. Preeti Dodwad, applauded the efforts of the students, staff and Principal for putting up a beautiful impressive show of cultural performance which carry a timeless treasure of wisdom . 


   'MOSAIC' Annual Day

  KLE International School celebrated the Annual Function of the Primary Wing from class LKG , I to III titled "MOSAIC" on 22nd January 2015. The stage was all set to unfold a celebration of colours, a cloud burst of joy and splendour.
The Chief Guests on the occasion was Shri Umesh Kumar IPS Inspector General of Police Northern Range Belagavi.
The occasion was also graced by the presence of Dr. Preeti Doddwad, Coordinator KLES' English Medium Schools.
The programme started with the traditional lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries followed by invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswati through a dance performance.
Extending a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests, Principal Ms.Arti Mishra exhorted that to build a strong future, we need to honour and value the legacy of the past.
Shri Umesh Kumar IPS in his inspiring speech stressed on the importance of teachers and parents working hand in hand for the development of the child's personality. He further added up to say that KLE school is like a family, where the children learn and grow and mature, and shape up as students, as "well rounded personalities", which is ultimately the real goal and the real vision of the founders a visionary School, such as this.
The 'dancing stars' enthralled the audience as they tapped their little feet to the tune of music. Students from Mahesh foundation also put up a wonderful dance performance. Yoga performance by tender ones was also a feast to the audience eyes. Children danced in flawless rhythms to the music which proved to be a blend of cosmic tune and divine music!
Dr. Preeti Dodwad, applauded the efforts of the students, staff and Principal for putting up a beautiful impressive show of cultural performance which carry a timeless treasure of wisdom.


  Christmas Celebration 2015

  KLES' International School, Belagavi celebrated Christmas on 19th Dec. 2015 in the school foyer with lot of enthusiasm.
The children enacted a drama where in the Students dressed themselves as Joseph, Mother Mary, Ancient kings, Angels depicting a tableau on Birth of Jesus Christ.
The choir group sang melodious Carols on the occasions depicting gaiety and a spirit of togetherness.
The highlight of the event was the Entrance of the SANTA CLAUS, dancing to the rhythm and beat of Jingle Bell! The children enjoyed, sang and learnt about Christmas Day in a joyful way. Principal Arti Mishra wished the staff and the students "Merry Christmas."


  KLE International School - Annual Sports Meet- 2015

  KLE's International School celebrated it's Annual Sports Meet 2015 at school campus. The chief guest for the event was Lt. Col. Krishna Bennalkar commanding officer 26 BN, NCC Belagavi.
As mark of "International Day of Disabled Persons " Mr.Mohin Mushtaque Junnedi - International Swimmer and Indian Book of Record Holder was also felicitated by esteemed Chief Guest Lt. Col. Krishna Bennalkar.
Students demonstrated their abilities in different sports and fitness activities which not only involved physical strength but also helps in nourishing the mind, enhances coordination and concentration. The crowning glory of the day were the display items that ensured coordinated and synchronized mass participation which included march past by four respective houses the beats of which infused sense of pride. Sports activities were complemented by Unfurling of the school flag, saluting of honour was done by our esteemed Chief Guest .
The Chief Guest in his speech delivered to the school said that-- In this changing scenario the schools have to pick-up the pace of equipping themselves to meet the demands of the present and future generation.
The school principal, Ms. Arti Mishra in her eloquent self shared the institution vision of keeping an inclusive and positive environment that celebrates diversity and talents of students. The day ended with Prize distribution for successful students and the National Anthem. The event was marked by enthusiastic participation of students and parents.
Emerald House achieved the Best March Past Trophy and the House Mistress was Mrs Suman Shetty.
Individual Championship Junior was given to Omkar Rupchandani and Prerana Bhatt.
Individual Championship Senior was given to Tanvi Bhujannavar and Anish Akki.
General Championship was given to Sapphire House.
Overall the event was vibrant and bustling with activities.


  Constitution Day Celebration

  November 26th was celebrated as Constitution Day in KLES' International School. Special assembly was organized to give a tribute to 'the great men and women' who gave the country its constitution, and remembering the 'stellar contribution' of Dr B R Ambedkar, its architect. In which features of the supreme law of India is emphasized. A constitution pledge was also taken up by the students . Principal Arti Mishra in her speech stressed on the rights that includes the ability to freely speak and express oneself, the freedom of conscience. She also urged the students to uphold the ideals and values of our Constitution and create an India that would make our founding fathers very proud". To mark the significance of the day students also participated in poster making competition.


  Childern's Day

  KLE International School Belagavi celebrated Children's Day on 21st Nov 2015, students enjoyed a colourful extravaganza with the teachers showcasing their talents through songs, dances and orchestra in the special assembly. 'Prince and Princess' was the dress code for this special day. Principal Arti Mishra was present.


  Diwali celebration

  Diwali was celebrated with full vigour in KLE International School Belagavi Diwali is the festival that brings goodwill to all . The celebration in the school helped students appreciate the richness and diversity of our culture, as well as enduring relevance of our age old values of truth, tolerance and respect for all. The school campus was decorated beautifully. a special assembly was organized to celebrate the festival of Diwali in a unique way. The Assembly was initiated by lighting of Deep by Principal Arti Mishra. Students and teachers were enlightened about the meaning of diwali through dance, drama and songs.


  Celebration of Karnataka Rajyotsava

  The students of KLE International School Belagavi, celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava with great enthusiasm on 1st November 2015, Principal Arti Mishra inaugurated the occasion and delivered a speech . 'Nade Geete' was sung by the choir group that captured the spirit of the day. Students enthralled the audience by performing dance, reciting poems of the popular poets. Speeches on the significance of the day were delivered by the students. The programme ended with the National Anthem.


  Dusshera celebration

  Dusshera celebrated on 9th Oct. 2015, in a vibrant fashion Students showed a lot of enthusiasm and performed several activities to celebrate Dusshera in a beautiful way. Children of primary section wore rich colorful dresses. Student of higher grades participated in dance programs.
Wild Life Conservation week was observed in the assembly and PPT. of the same was displayed.


    CBSE Monitoring and Mentoring

  CBSE Monitoring and Mentoring was done by Shri. Malagoudanavar Principal Mahavir English Medium School, Raibag on 6th Oct. 2015.


  Gandhi Jayanti celebrations



  The school celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with lot of zeal and enthusiasm in special assembly. The assembly kick started with the garlanding of Mahatma Gandhi's portrait by Principal Arti Mishra she spoke on the Gandhian values that has inspired us as they hold true in today's world of strife and violence. The students presented melodious rendition that had the audience spell bound. Speeches were delivered by the students on the significance of the day. Swaach Bharat Abhiyan was conducted by grade seven around the school campus. The entire school seemed to feel the essence o f Gandhiji's presence.



 Ganesh Festival celebration


 The KLES' International School celebrated the Ganesh Festival as a mark of love and integrity  on 18th September 2015. The students showcased their talents by exhibiting the scenes from the life of Lord Ganesha. The students enjoyed welcoming Lord Ganesha by chanting Aartis, devotional songs, dance and pyramid display.
Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra wished everyone on this auspicious occasion stressing the importance of moral values  to overcome obstacles in life.
Best House Board, Class board and Clean class  was awarded.



 Hindi Day  celebration


  Hindi Day was celebrated on 14th September in KLE International School. It is celebrated on this day because the very same day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had declared Hindi as India's official language and to respect its importance as our mother tongue The school organized special assembly students participated in Hindi poems, story recitations, vocabulary, quizzes. And they also spoke on the importance of the language in the contemporary society. Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra in her message expressed enormous need to celebrate Hindi Diwas as an event in order to pay honor and pass its significance to the next generation.



 Swaragadooth Day


  KLES International School Belagavi , celebrated 'Swaragadooth Day' for all the supported staff on 12th Sept. 2015 to acknowledge their dedication and hard work towards the institution. Various programmes like prayer, dance, song and games were organised. Principal mam felicitated them with a token of appreciation.



 Teacher's Day


  KLES International School  Belagavi ,  celebrated Teacher's Day 5th Sept 2015  with lots of thrilling, exciting and variety of programmes like prayer, dance, song,  games  and video clipping. The Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra garlanded the photograph of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and lighted the lamp. Teachers were also awarded for Best dress up and full attendance for the academic year 2014-15. The programme was organized by IX and X students, which was indeed memorable.



 Shri Krishna Janmastami


 Students of KLE International School celebrated Shri Krishna Janmastami on 4th Sept 2015, students of V A  put up a meaningful special assembly which  was depicted in the form of skit, dance, prayers and video clipping were shown to the students,  the assembly turned out to be very meaningful and holy.



 4th Sept 2015 Prime Minister Mr. Narendra  Modi's  live telecast  interaction  with children on occasion of Teacher’s Day .



 'Lingua Mostra 2015'


 KLES' International School, Belagavi hosted the language festival titled 'Lingua Mostra' which is a platform for bringing together expressions of human thought in the varied and diverse cultural contexts that have been nurtured and have flourished in many languages spoken in our cultural milieu. The fest commenced on 1st September 2015 at 9.15am. at JNMC Auditorium. The entire festive spirit was laced with non stop and soul stirring performances of 300 contestants from 20 different  schools in and around Belagavi.
The Chief Guest of the function Dr. Y Manjunatha (Joint Commissioner Excise) and Dr. Preeti Dodwad, Coordinator KLES' English Medium Schools lighted the lamp and inaugurated the function. The other dignitaries present on the dais were  Mrs Anupa Kaushik KLE M.M School Gokak, Mrs Anita L Principal Banyan School along them Mrs. Arti Mishra Principal KLES' International School, Belagavi.



With this thought in mind,the dignitaries lighted the Lamp and symbolically inaugurated the function. It was followed by Saraswathivandana and Inaugural Dance asking god to shower his blessing on us. Mr. Rayees Ahmed grade IV  introduced the Chief Guest. On this occasion the Chief Guest addressed the vernacular languages took place from medieval times to modern world. He focused on that 40 million people speak kannada language. He also added that 950 million use English language across the globe. It is a window for global communication. He congratulated KLE International School for organising such a fest which will promote the celebration of languages. He advised the students to put in their best efforts without expectation for awards.  He praised the participants for their zeal and enthusiasm and for putting up such a wonderful show. He said that the parents must encourage their children in academics as well as co curricular activities of the school. He said that children play an important role in building strong India by facing tremendous challenges of this era. All the audience were spell bound and thrilled with the various performances of the students.

All the participants and teachers were involved in the oath taking ceremony. Dr. Preeti Doddawad officially declared the Lingua Mostra open. The anchoring of the function was done by Master Pratham Pai grade III and Sharadhi Hegde grade II under the guidance of Ms. Apoorva Gudi.

The fest was celebrated in 3 languages English, Kannada and Hindi. Under English Language events that were conducted were

 Quiz,Turncoat and Streetplay. The judges to judge these events were

Mrs. Shyla Mehta, Mrs. Sushma Bhat and Mrs. Deepa Halapannavar. 

Under Kannada Language events that were conducted were Prabandha Sparde, Swarachita Kavana Sparde and Aashubhaashana Sparde. These events were judged by Mr. R S Patil, Mr. B I Medakanatti and Mr. S K Talwar.

Under Hindi Language events that were conducted were Vaad Vivaad Pratyogita, Bhaktiras Kavita Path, Pradarshith  Vigyaapan Lekhan Pratyogita. The judges to judge these events were  Dr. Kalpana Bajpai, Smt. Varsha Kargar and Dr Ramesh Suje. The judges were the masters of their respective languages.



The valedictory function began at 2.00pm. A token of remembrance was given to all the guests and winners were awarded with trophies.



The Prize Winners in the English categories

Quiz: First prize Gaurang M and Zoya T KLES' International school Belagavi, second prize Zahid P and Nishit P KLE Society's Eng. Med. CBSE School Nippani, third prize Varun C and Ayush J KLE Eng. Med. School Sholapur.

Turn Coat: First prize Asleesh Phulari, The Forbes Academy Gokak  School, second prize Apoorva  K, KLS Public School, Belagavi, third prize Nayana J.N KLE Society School Rajajinagar.

Streetplay: First prize KLS Public school, Belagavi, second prize KLE Society’school Ankali, third prize KLES' International school, Belagavi.

 Prize winners Kannada:

Prabandha Sparde : First prize Sandesh Gaddi, KLE Society's Eng. Med. CBSE school, Nippani, second prize Samat Gadalli KLE School Majunath Nagar Hubballi, third prize Aditi V. Kulkarni KLE Society's M R Sakhare Eng. Med. School, Hubballi.

Swarachita Kavana Sparde : First prize Arpit P KLES' International  School Belagavi, second prize Shubhang J.C KLE School Dharwad, third prize was shared by Swati Nidoni KLE M.M School Gokak and Shrusti Kanagalli The Forbes Academy Gokak.

Aashubhaashana Sparde : First prize Vedant Vanaki, KLE Society's K.G and Eng. Med. School, Nipani, second prize Janika B.K KLE Society's Rajajinagar School Bangalore, third prize Tejaswini Mutnal KLE Society's C.N Ranamode school, Athani.

Prize Winners Hindi:

Vaad Vivaad Pratyogita : First prize Sweety P and Vaishnavi S The Forbes Academy Gokak, second prize is shared by  Akshata H and Swati S KLE Eng. Med. School Haveri and Nupur B and Keerti C KLES' International School Belagavi third prize  Raj J and Muddayya S KLE International School Sholapur.

Bhaktiras Kavita Path : First prize Arpit Hanchata, The Forbes Academy school Gokak, second prize Pallavi S. Gigolar KLE Society's Eng. Med. School Haveri, third prize  is shared by Medini Hegde KLE Mahadeva Panna Munavali School Gokak and Khushi Patil  KLE International School, Belagavi.

Pradarshith Vigyaapan Pratyogita : First prize  Vivek B. Tandale and Mamta C. Jain KLE Eng. Med. School Haveri, second prize Rutuja D and Muskan I KLE Eng. Med. School Sholapur, third prize  Pranv P and Nischal P KLE International School, Belgavi.



The General Championship is awarded to KLES' International School, Belagavi.


   The participants displayed their absolute unadulterated talent of oration, poetry and communication skills. Students had a platform to showcase their talents in the best possible way carving their own niche and honing themselves in its variegated waters. Every end gives a start to a new beginning. With this thought and vibrant competitive spirit the event was finally concluded.






  KLES' International School celebrated the Raksha bandhan festival with  lot of enthusiasm , gaiety and a spirit of togetherness on 28th August 2015 . The children were dressed in their traditional costumes. The warmth and affection between a brother and his sister was stressed upon and the children celebrated with the girls tying the Rakhi and wishing for her brother's long and prosperous life and the brother on his part, vowing to always protect his sister. 



Demonstration on Traffic Rules & Road Safety


  Demonstration on Traffic Rules & Road Safety for students of  LKG, I and II grade on 25th August 2015. 
Children witnessed a demonstration on the traffic rules & road safety on the Lingaraj ground which was organized by the Banyan School.
The children were informed about different traffic signs and road safety by RTO Inspector.



Social Science Day was celebrated in KLEIS Belagavi


  Social Science Day was celebrated in KLEIS Belagavi on 25th August 2015 with great enthusiasm in the special assembly highlighting the importance of the day. The Indian Culture, architecture  & great freedom fighters and their contribution to the country's glory was exhibited in the form of drama, dance and video display. Children from elementary and higher classes participated in this event.



Sadbhavana  Diwas


  Special Assembly by Std VI C students highlighting the importance of this day . The students put up a vibrant skit with the  meaningful message.

The Birth Anniversary of late Prime Minister of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi is observed as "Sadbhavana  Diwas" on 20th August nation-wide every year.  This theme of "Sadbhavana Diwas" is to promote National Integration and communal harmony among the people of all religions, languages.  Goodwill towards everyone and eschewing violence are the motto of the "Sadbhavana Diwas". The Sadbhavana means having good feelings for others.

Having good feelings for others was the only the mission of the government of Rajiv Gandhi. It is celebrated every year on 20th August by the Congress in order to encourage the national integration, peace, national integrity, love, affection and communal harmony among the Indian people of all religions, continuing their customary celebration city Congress celebrated the day by honouring freedom fighters.

Gandhi believed in the future of India as a developed country. A number of economic and social reforms introduced by him pursued this vision. His enthusiastic and inspiring words quoted during the Joint Congress Session of India and US are recited with great value and worth at every anniversary.

"India is an old country, but a young nation; and like the young everywhere, we are impatient. I am young and I too have a dream. I dream of an India, strong, independent, self-reliant and in the forefront of the front ranks of the nations of the world in the service of mankind."



Special Assembly on Patriotism


  Special Assembly on Patriotism was conducted by Std VII A students on 17th Aug 2015. Role play on Freedom fighters was exhibited.



69th year of celebration August 15th Independence Day


  August 15th Independence Day was celebrated in KLEIS. The National Day is followed since 1947. This time it is 69th year of celebration. The national flag hoisting ceremony was performed by the head of institute Principal Mrs Arti Mishra who highlighted the importance of this day and urged the students to become responsible citizens and prepare themselves to serve the nation as good leader, administrator, engineer, doctors etc. The students presented patriotic songs and inter house dance competition was organized  to mark the significance of the day in a citizen's life.  The guard of honor was taken up by four respective houses.

The results of March Past :
Topaz house stands first for , Second prize was shared by Emerald and Ruby house and the third place went to Ruby House.

 The results of  Inter House Solo Dance Competition :
First Place :  EMERALD House (Atharva Bujjannavar)
Second Place : TOPAZ House ( Aditya Mullimani)
Third Place : RUBY House (Saloni Jain)



KLEI'S organised programme of classical music and dance


  KLEIS organised SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth) programme of classical music and dance at Jirge Auditorium JNMC campus on 14th August 2015 the resource person was Mr Jayteerth Menuvndi a classical singer .The programme was organised to make students more aware about Indian and world heritage. This initiative makes education more holistic and meaningful as it highlights all that is abstract, subtle, inspiring and mystical in the world teaching one to look within oneself. Principal Arti Mishra in her speech addressed the students that SPIC MACAY aims at introducing traditional Indian culture to the youth of this country - with a hope that the beauty, grace and wisdom embodied in it will become an integral part of their life.



World Adolescence Day 2015-16




  On the occasion of World Adolescence Day KLES' INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL had organized a workshop on adolescence for the students of VII to IX grade girls on 4th August 2015. Dr.Sudha Raddi , ex Lieutenant from Indian Army presently holds a post of Dean and Principal of KLE institute of Nursing Sciences Belagavi . She addresses the session regarding how important is adolescence stage. Dr Sangeeta Kharde  Head of  department OBG Nursing , along with Mrs. Asha Bhatt, Mrs Shubha and Mrs. Genita, Lecturers from  OBG Nursing Institution of Nursing Science  spoke on changes during the adolescence stage, do's and  don't during that period and the changes that take place and remedial methods during this stage. We also had special guest who accompanied our guests they were from East Anglia Norwich United Kingdom from the school of Health Sciences University.



KLE International School Celebrates Chairman's Birthday


  1st August was indeed a very special day for everyone in the KLE family. The whole campus was buzzing with lots of excitement. It was the day when all the institutions of KLE Group celebrated their Chairman's Birthday. Chairman of KLE Group of Institutions Dr Prabhakar Kore's birthday was a pompous celebration. The children expressed their love through flowers and wishes on this auspicious day. Principal Mrs Arti Mishra expressed her heart felt wishes in the morning assembly saying Dr Prabhakar Kore is a shining example of modesty, hope and success," that mirrors the country itself.



The World Youth Skills Day was celebrated in KLEIS Belagavi 29th July 2015


  The World Youth Skills Day was celebrated in KLEIS Belagavi 29th July 2015 with great enthusiasm in the special assembly highlighting the importance of the day. The beaming children heard the meaningful Speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressing the importance of skill in development of an individual and country as a whole Principal Mrs Arti Mishra delivered remarks praising the good work of educators, educational institutions, and - especially - students striving to develop cutting-edge skills that align with the jobs that companies actually need to fill.



  KLE Principal, Staff & students extended condolence on the death of Former President Dr AP J Abdul Kalam in the school morning assembly.



Ramadan celebrated in the school on the eve of Ramadan


  Students of KLE International School celebrated Ramadan on 21st July 2015, students put up a meaningful special assembly which  was depicted in the form of skit, dance, prayers and video clipping were shown to the students,  the assembly turned out to be very meaningful and holy. Principal Arti Mishra praised the students for their flawless performance.



World Population Day


 KKLE International School celebrated  the'World Population Day' in the special assembly on 15th July 2015 by Class X A . The students put up a vibrant skit with the  meaningful message that sensitized every student into understanding about  “ Pollution Control” also a speech by Miss Mehek Sakariya.



LKG Orientation Programme 2015-2016


 KLE INTERNATIONAL School organized an orientation programme for the parents of LKG on 26th June 2015. Our Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra welcomed the gathering and addressed the parents about the achievements of our school. Our school counselor Ms. Apporva Gudi guided the parents on a Parenting Style.
  Our Academic Co-ordinator Ms. Belinda. Pillae briefed the parents about the examination pattern, school discipline, rules and regulation and other co-curricular activities followed in our school.



Awareness rally conducted


 Students of KLE'S Belagavi of grade IX Scouts and Guides team with Teacher Gultaz Khan, Ms. Sanjeevani. Deshpande , Ms. Neeta and Jain .Y participated in Awareness rally at Channamma Circle Belagavi recently. The main objective was to create awareness amongst masses about their immediate and global environment and the positive actions that help keeping the environment healthy and continue providing its ecological services these initiatives were being taken towards conservation of environment and the natural resources.



KLES' International School celebrates International Yoga Day 2015


 KLES' International School celebrated International Yoga Day on 22nd June .The chief guest was Mr. Murli Prabhu and Miss Navya Prabhu Mr. Murli prabhu has been awarded the Krista Rattan Pristi. KLES' children performed the 12 types of Surya Namaskara. Mr. Murli prabhu along with Miss Navay Prabhu and Master Jay Prabhu from KLS school performed Musical yoga performance. The yoga display performed by the students was a feast to the eyes to every one who witnessed it that proved to be a flawless display. We also had amongst us a special guest Dr. Ganesh Nayak from St. Mary's University USA. Mr. Murli Prabhu in his speech highlighted the importance of yoga in a child's life and how yoga helps to develop the personality of the children. Mrs Arti Mishra principal of the school and teacher staff also joined in the yoga performance event organized in the school premises the very day.



Investiture Ceremony 2015-16


  Gaurang Mohta and Shriya Kapadia took oath as Head boy and Head girl respectively. The vice head boy and vice head girl Ankur Dhadoti and Khusiya Nayak .Sports Captain Harsh Desai as Captain and Vice Sports Captain: Rochan Bachri Captains for the four houses are :- Sapphire House Rucha Patil as Captain and: Tanvi Bhujannavar as Vice Captain Emerald House Harshita Nimbal as Captain and Supriya Gouraj as Vice Captain Topaz House Captain Nupur Bagi Vice Captain: Zoya Tebhla and Ruby House Captain:Ajay Betageri Vice Captain:Shrinidhi Heda Cut from the cloth and woven in strands of integrity, sincerity and honesty , the student council took oath to live up to the expectations and work in sync with the mission of the school.

Future leaders and children of the school were enlightened with valuable pearls of wisdom through speeches given by the Chief Guest and Principal.The Chief Guest Lt.Col Chandrebhan Army Medical Administrative Officer Belagavi in his speech stressed on the relevance of leadership and learning as indispensable, learning always distinguishes the extraordinary from ordinary. It was indeed a proud moment for the KLEIS family as the council members received their badges from the chief guest. Principal, Arti Mishra addressed the council members and congratulated them on their appointment as the school representatives. The celebrations were concluded with the National Anthem.



Scholar Ceremony


  In a solemn ceremony, held on 19th  June, 2015 students from grade  I-X were awarded scholar badges as recognition of their outstanding academic merit and excellence. Major Seema Mishra administrative officer and Officiating Principal of Rashtriya Military School , Belgaum honored the school by her gracious presence and presented the school scholars with badges.  Principal Arti Mishra encouraged and appreciated the sincerity, consistency and zeal of the scholars to excel in all the fields so that the banner of KLE International School flies high. This ceremony is one of the most anticipated and time tested tradition of the school, when gleaming enthusiasm and the triumphant spirit of the young scholars can be seen and felt. Parents of the young scholars were also invited who proudly witnessed their wards receiving their honors.

The Chief Guest Major Seema Mishra acknowledged the efforts of the school in molding the personality of the children, her golden  advise to the students was to set their goals and strive to develop the skills and talents. Major Seema Mishra further congratulated the badge holders and encouraged the others to never give up.



Freshers Welcomed


  The new academic session of 2015-16 arrived, bringing with it a galore of fresh faces beaming with the satisfaction of having gained admittance into the country's elite educational institute principal Arti Mishra extended a very warm welcome to all the freshers teachers and students with open arms, open minds and open heart. As always, decided to welcome those who chose to be a part of KLE family for their new academic session 2015-16.    




Annual Election 2015-16


  Annual Elections were organized to elect prefect body on Tuesday, 8th June 2015. Students from grade VII to X and
  Staff members had a privilege to vote the student cabinet.    




Rally by class II on World environment day


The children of class II celebrated the World Environment Day under the guidance of Principal mam Mrs Arti Mishra along with Coordinator Miss Belinda. Pillae and Teachers  by organizing a rally to create awareness about saving our mother earth. They sang Slogans and also carried placards stating "SAVE TREES", " GO GREEN", and "PLANT TREES".



World Environment Day celebrated in KLE International School


KLE International School celebrated  the World Environment Day in the special assembly on 5th June 2015. The students put up a vibrant skit with the  meaningful message that sensitized every student into understanding their critical  role in preserving the environment...

Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race  dance was performed by grade 7 students.

The theme of World Environment Day 2015 is 'Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.'

Drawing competitions, rally and awareness campaign was conducted   in and around the school. Even the bulletin boards reflected themes like Deforestation, A forestation, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Air & Water Pollution, Global Warming, Plastic pollution, Save Marine Life and Save Endangered Animals.

Plant saplings were planted in the school premises with the massage Go Green…

Principal urged the students to plant saplings and be responsive human being…





 KLES' International school had organized several classroom activtites for the JEM delegates on 17th April 2015 in the school. They all were dressed up with traditional attire . A session of clay modeling was organized , the JEM delegates enjoyed the session thoroughly . A splendid Magic Show was also by a renowned magician from Kolhapur Sir Farukh Abbas . The JEM team thoroughly enjoyed the show which was really breath taking. After the show Mehandi rounds was conducted which was the real treat to the eyes of our esteemed guest it was indeed a thrilling experience for the delegates .






The new Academic Session 2015-2016 commenced with KLE International School  Belagavi  hosting a Ten member delegation from USA Mr Richard Cox, Ms Hillary Spitzer, Ms Jean Partridge and Seven students of Buckingham Friends School  USA.

A cultural show was organised on 16th April in the Jirge  Auditorium JNMC for the Joint Environment Mission (JEM)  Team. Students performed a colorful extravaganza, showcasing their talents through songs, dances in the Cultural Show. Master Akshaj of grade VI sang a song, a classical dance was performed by the students, the JEM students of  US danced in grace , to add up to the beauty of the show Ms Rashmi the JEM host performed a beautiful dance. The JEM teachers were felicitated by the Principal Ms Arti Mishra with the mementos. Jugal Bandhi was performed by the Music teacher Mr Vishal Modak and a team of students, Ms Savita Mitrani host parent shared her views on this occasion,Teacher Hillar Spitzer the US delegate expressed her thoughts  and congratulated the performance of the students and the KlE school staff for putting up such a wonderful impressive show with good entertainment value. Master of ceremony was Swati Aklekar.





Principal Mrs Arti Mishra, students and the staff of KLE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BELAGAVI welcomed the team of  seven students with three teachers of Buckingham Friends School, U.S.A. with special assembly on 13th Monday morning. The school is geared up with lots of event for the seven days The Joint Environment Mission (JEM) programme. The theme this year is 'AIR'. This programme will help children of all nations walk this earth together in balance with the environment JEM helps children develop a new global view of world security, one which is grounded in communication, understanding, and tolerance. There are a number of activities planned for the children based on this theme. The students will discuss Air related issues in their areas and compare them; they will also share their concern and the positive steps to be taken to solve the problems. 

KLE school Belagavi wishes the JEM Team  a warm welcome and a fruitful stay.  The JEM program was founded in 1991 by a collaboration of Soviet and Buckingham Friends School teachers and now consists of permanent partner schools in Russia, India, China, Australia, Ecuador, Haiti, Hawaii, Africa and France. The Earth Summit provides a unique opportunity for elementary- aged children to develop patience, cultural understanding and a tolerance for different points of view as they collaborate on Earth Summit projects engage in simulation games and discuss their fears and hopes for the future.




KLES' INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BELGAUM celebrated Science Day with the objective of spreading a message about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life of the people. To commemorate the day the students of third std sang a Hindi song based on the theme of environment. There was a wonderful action song sung by the students of first std on "Go Healthy Go". Further to add grace to the programme there was a skit enacted by the students of third std. Alien Skit added humor to the day occasion. There was video display on "Go Green Go". and "Say no to Plastics". The programme ended with the song "Heal The World" sung by the teachers and prize distribution on Science Model Making and Science Quiz. The whole event was guided by the Co ordinator and head of department Ms Uma Keshwani.


Bidding Farewell


K.L.E'S International School Belagavi , Principal and the staff wished the students of std X happy adventures, fantastic new friendships, amazing experiences and the  journey of a life time.





As a mark of love and integrity the Principal Mrs Arti Mishra ,Staff and Students of KLE'S  International School Belagavi  celebrated Maha Shivaratri  in the special assembly recently. Student performed dance on the theme of Lord Shiva. The entire environment was filled with joy and enthusiasm.






KLE International School Belgaum celebrated Makar Sankranti with great devotion, fervour, and gaiety recently. During the assembly, students were introduced to the significance of Sankranthi. The celebration began by performance of pooja towards Harvest Festival, the students spoke on the essence t of Sankranthi ,there was also a dance performance by the students. The celebration concluded by the kite flying competition where in the students enjoyed flying the colorful kites.

                                                                                       Annual Sports Meet 2014-15  

KLE International School Belagavi celebrated Sports Meet 2014-15 on 23rd 2014-15 at School Campus. Chief Guest for the event was IPS Shri Ravi .S .
Guest of Honour were the international Icon, Mr Rajesh Shinde , Mr.Ragvendra Anvekar who were felicitated with memento by Principal Mrs Arti Mishra.
Dr Preeti Dodwadd coordinator of KLE Schools was present.
The event of the day began with hoisting of the flag followed by several activities such as silent March Past, colorful and artistic group performances and well coordinated, rhythmic group drills, students also displayed, Instrumental Fusion and participated in track events. Chief Guest IPS Shri Ravi .S encouraged the children to focus equally on sports activities for their all round development as healthy mind in healthy body makes a man develop good personality .He also added that students need to think great to be great and always choose to be happy with competing spirit..
Results of the Best March Past was announced by the Chief Guest commenting over the output that the KLE students were perfect and surpassed the training even of that of the police department.
Ruby House achieved the Best March Past Trophy and the House Master was Mrs Gultaz Khan.
Overall the event was vibrant and bustling with activities.


Flash Back Mania Fever hits Belgaum


Annual Day 2014 of KLE's International School,Belgum saw life and energy being propelled out of the children . The entire program revolved around theme "Flash Back Mania."Show commenced with the melodious voices of the welcoming choir group students. Brigadier Santosh Kurup was the chief Guest or this auspicious day . In his speech he stressed that the formative years of life of the children is very important as it influences the mind of children at very tender age . Teachers are next to God and it is the role of a teacher to mould the children to be a good citizen of country.
Primary students danced to the tunes of various melodies of 1950s and 1960s in colourful dresses that set the stage on fire . At some points, the children performance seemed to be at par with that of seasoned artistes. Students showcased their talent with great enthusiasm by participating in instrumental Fusion ,Yoga performance overall the students gave an impressive show of cultural performance with good entertainment value. Principal Arti Mishra read the Annual Report for the academic 2014-15 where in she mentioned that the school was one out of 15000 schools in the country to receive the "Sports Promotion Award" in Delhi from Mrs Smriti Zubin Irani HRD Minister.


Ganit Day Celebrated

KLE International School  Belgaum celebrated "Ganit Day" on 18th Dec 2014 on account of birthday of Srinivas Ramanujan Mathmatical Geniuses , students spoke on the achievements  of Ramanujan,asked  interesting  Maths related quiz ,enacted  a drama sensitizing the students on importance of Maths in their daily life .Principal Arti Mishra was present.



Children's Day Celebrated

KLE International School  Belagavi celebrated Children's Day on 14th Nov, students enjoyed a colourful extravaganza with the teachers showcasing their talents through songs, dances and orchestra in the special assembly.' Retro' was the dress code for this special day. Principal Arti Mishra was present.




 KLE International School Belagavi, celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava 2014


The students of KLE International School Belagavi, celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava with great enthusiasm on 1ST November 2014, Principal Arti Mishra inaugurated the occasion.Sudents presented "Nade Geete that captured the spirit of the day. Students enthralled the audience by performing a skit on Sangoli Rayanna and Rani Channnama Students gave brief introduction on the poets and poems of Karnataka state during the Medieval period and Modern period.

    Rashtriya Ekta Diwas  

KLE International School celebrated on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel.Students of std IX and X performed special assembly which included special pledge on Ekta Diwas. Students also spoke on the life history of Sardar Vallabhai Patel and the importance of the day was shared in the special assembly .Students also participated in the mass activites such as Run for unity, Poster making on national unity, Slogan writing and Quiz programme. At the closest centre Co-ordinator K V school Belagavi.


 Diwali Celebrated 

    KLE International School celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights was celebrated with fun and festivity at the School. The Students Tastefully decorated school campus added charm and religious fervour to the atmosphere ,students dressed up as different characters from the Ramayana enchanted all. Various scenes from the life of Lord Rama were presented.  

Dussera Celebrations

As a mark of love and integrity the Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra, staff and students of KLES' International School, Belagavi celebrated Dussera on 17th Oct-14. Dussera signifies the victory of good over evil. The students of classes   IV &  VI  participated in the celebrations. Girls of class IV performed  bhartnatyam dance to depict  the Nav Shakti Avatra  of Goddess Durga .

Master Aryaman Soni , Master Anshul Haibatti and Miss Tanisha Rao  of Std VI dressed up as Lord Ram , Laxman and Sita  respectively and Master Aditya Mulimani  as Ravan . Students of Class IV  performed a Garba Dance as a sign of victory.

The entire environment was filled with joy and enthusiasm.




Mangalyan Triumph 

To celebrate and congratulate the Indian Scientist at ISRO, students of KLE International School expressed their pride and jubiliance by watching the MOM (Mangalyan On Mars)over a large projection screen in the school. They also witnessed the Prime Minister Narendra  Modi's address to the nation at such a historic movement where scientist at ISRO have worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone and bring glory to the nation .Mrs Arti Mishra Principal of KLE International School said India is proud to be the part of the history achieving near impossible in the first attempt to reach the Mars.

India's low-cost and quick turnaround satellite mission has been attracting a lot of global attention from the scientific community that seeks to better understand the mysterious Mars. India has shown its technological capability and resilience to undertake arduous inter-planetary journeys' and it  is the moment of immense national pride one that shall go down as a significant mile stone.




 Hindi Pakwada

KLE International school celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14th September. Speeches were delivered in Hindi to mark the importance of this day. Students recited poems in Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was organized to mark the importance of the day. Dance and skit was performed to focus on the importance of the language. The main idea behind the entire celebration was to honour the great language with its beauty and strength.


Live Webcast of Prime Minister's Interaction with the Student's on the Occasion of Teacher's Day - 5th September 2014 (3:00 PM to 4:45 PM)

As informed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Live telecast of the interaction of the school children with the Honorable Prime Minister of India on the occasion of Teachers day on 5th Sept 2014 was arranged in the school foyer for the students of class IX & X. The programme was accessed by internet live and the same message is flashed on the school website. The evidence of the same is attached to the file. 



The KLES' International School celebrated the Ganapati Festival on 1st September 2014. The students showcased their talents by exhibiting plays from the mythological stories enlightening the students how to use our wisdom and intelligence to overcome difficult situations in our life. The students enjoyed welcoming Lord Ganesha by chanting Aartis, and devotional songs.
Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra wished everyone on this auspicious occasion stressing the importance of good qualities in human beings to overcome weakness in life.




KLES' International School celebrated the Raksha bandhan festival with gaiety and fervor on 11th August 2014 . The children were dressed in their traditional costumes. The warmth and affection between a brother and his sister was stressed upon and the children celebrated with the girls tying the Rakhi and wishing for her brother's long and prosperous life and the brother on his part, vowing to always protect his sister. 



KLE International School celebrated Independence Day on 15th August 2014 in the premises of the school. The flag was hoisted by the Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra and National Anthem was sung by the school. Inter House March-past competition was conducted were in the talents of the students was showcased in the form of March past. To mark this day special patriotic songs were sung by the singing group, speeches were delivered by the teachers in three different languages fluently, there by reveling the golden words of  the History  of our country. Prizes were given away by the Principal to the students for the various events organized during the academic year. Harsh Desai was awarded for the best forward player and highest goal scorer in the football match of Royston Trophy organized in Belagavi. The celebration ended with the sweets distribution to all the students.


Ramadan celebrated in the school on the eve of Ramadan

Students of KLE International School celebrated Ramadan lately, students put up a meaningful special assembly which depicted was depicted in the form of skit, dance, prayers and video clipping were shown to the students the assembly turned out to be very meaningful and holy. Principal Arti Mishra praised the students for their flawless performance.


Umbrella cannot stop the Rain, but allows us to stand in the Rain.

 The students of Class I & II of KLES' International School celebrated the 'Umbrella Day' on 19.07.2014. The total number of 325 students participated in this event. The students had brought colorful decorated umbrellas and walked 1km dancing n enjoying in the rain. The event was conducted to create awareness about the importance of rain in our life and the way we protect ourselves out in the rain using an umbrella. Our Principal Mrs. Arti Mishra encouraged the students and was a part of the event.


Scholar Badge Ceremony 2014-15

KLES International School Belagavi conducted Scholar Badge Ceremony 2014-15 on 25/06/2014. Scholar Badges were awarded to the scholars of the academic year 2013-14. Conveying a genuine sense of honour and appreciation for earnest hard work in academics. The chief guest Mr. S. Nisar Ahmed, Deputy Director of Land Records (Commissioner) appreciated the dedication of the students and encouraged them to play a valuable role in building bright future of the country. Principal Arti Mishra congratulated the students.






















Investiture Ceremony 2014-15

KLES International school conducted Investiture Ceremony of the students apex body on 24-06-2014.

Ashutosh Bang And Reeth Mohta  took oath as Head boy and Head girl respectively. The vice head boy and vice head girl were  Aman Ahmed and Prarthana  pledged the oath respectively. Captains for the four houses were Sapphire House Shreya K and Rucha P , Emrald House Shekar Mishra and Shraddha G,Topaz House Gourang M AND Nupur B and Ruby House Jainish P and Kushiya N

Mr Gourishankar Commandant ITBP (Indo Tibetian Border Police) Presided as the Chief Guest of the day. In his speech he motivated the students to have a good code of conduct and perform their duties whole heartedly and selflessly.

Principal Arti Mishra harped on the disciplinary factor of the school and insisted the students to maintain higher standards of code of conduct and be an exemplary role model for the school thereby executing their duties to the best of their abilities.


Fresher's day celebrated in KLE International  School


KLE International School celebrated the Fresher's day on 17th June. Principal  Arti mishra welcomed the new teachers and the fresher's  students  for the academic session 2014-15 with fresher's card, flowers and chocolates wishing them warm welcome to the family of KLE.




World Environment Day Rally


KLE International School Belagavi adopted The World Environment Day as a theme for the month where in various activites were conducted which reflected in schools special assembly, Rallies were conducted by the students of Scouts and Guides, IX and X standard from Kittur Rani Channama to Bogarves on Thursday 13th June 2014. The students exhibited placards reflecting the messages on Environmental theme they also distributed cloth bags to pedestrians voicing against the use of plastic.
The staff and the students planted saplings in the school premises, Principal Arti  Mishra spoke on the global awareness of the environment and related challenges that include climate change,global warming, disaster and conflict. Bharat Scouts and Guides Captain Mrs. Gultaz Khan and Mr. Jain accompanied the rally.



KLES International School celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2014


Raising awareness of the need to preserve and enhance the environment, planting of the saplings, video, photography, paintings and other creative ways were conducted to inspire environmental action among students to care the surroundings.
Principal Arti Mishra spoke on reducing, reusing and recycling of waste and how they can help protect the earth and lessen their environmental impact.


Swimming pool Inauguration


The long awaited Inauguration of KLES' International School's Swimming Pool took place on 13th March 2014. Dr. Preeti Dodwad, Coordinator of KLES' English medium school and Principal, Mrs. Arti Mishra performed the Pooja on this auspicious occasion.








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