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Grade 9 Visit to Central Village Pottery Institute, Khanapur

KLE Banyan's field visit

Visit to KLE Centenary museum

Mysore-Ooty trip 2018-19

Ramkrishna Ashram and Kamal Basti

Field trip to Ramkrishna Ashram and Kamal Basati
The Social Science and Hindi teachers of KLES’ International School, had organized a field trip for students of class VI to Ramkrishna Ashram and Kamal Basati on 13th October,2017.
A total of 137 students attended the field trip under the expert guidance of Ms Seema Jalgar, Ms Rini Singh , Ms Vijaya Jadhav , Ms Archana Kadam and Ms Savita Hulleshwari. The trip began with the students visiting Ramkrishna Ashram where they learnt the importance of being focused and persistent. The children were greatly inspired by Swami Vivekananda.

Later the children were taken to Kamal Basati where they learnt about the Jain heritage and the Ratta dynasty that ruled Belagavi in the 11th century.
It was a great learning experience for the students and they enjoyed every bit of it.