English is a funny language; what with a running nose and smelly feet!!!

  • A digital language lab for the development of learners’ confidence and communication skills in English through immersive and engaging language learning environment.
  • Active learning approach to complement classroom teaching with its practical, contextual, theme-based activities; integrates development of language and life skills.
  • Blended learning with Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and Self-Paced Practice (SPP) modules for guided, collaborative learning as well as self-assessment and improvement.
  • A dedicated setup that contains all necessary components to connect teachers and students in an effective language learning environment.
  • Language Lab is the only digital solution that offers learning in classroom as well as home.
  • Random as well as manual group creation for ILT activities.
  • Attendance management system & User-defined Presentation timers.
  • Live Dashboard to monitor students’ recordings in SPP-speaking activities.
  • Offline assessments for listening & speaking.
  • Usage report generation.
  • Random & Manual Group Formation.