Mathematics Day!

The Mathematics Day event at KLES' International School, Belagavi was a celebration of numerical wonders and mathematical brilliance. The program featured a diverse array of presentations and speeches, showcasing the enthusiasm and talent among the students which provided insightful comparisons, shedding light on distinct mathematical perspectives. The students beautifully captured the life of the great mathematician, S. Ramanujan and the concepts on Infinity in their presentations.

Mathematics jokes infused humor into the event, providing a lighthearted moment amidst the mathematical discussions.

Mathalon activities were conducted to test the reasoning and logical thinking skills of the students across all age groups.

The Mathematics Day celebration was a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing mathematical curiosity and appreciation. The varied presentations showcased both the depth and breadth of mathematical exploration, making it a memorable and educational experience for all.

MATHLON- (2022-23)

22nd December is celebrated as the National Mathematics Day every year in India, to pay commemorate the birthday of the honorary mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Whenever we talk about Mathematics Day, the only thing that comes to mind is how genius Ramanujan impacted the world with his ground breaking discoveries and theories. This day was declared by the former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh at the Madras University in 2012(Ramanujan’s 125th birth year). This auspicious day marks the importance of Mathematics in everyone’s life and inspires people to grow their critical thinking skills and think rationally.

To accentuate the importance of Mathematics in each one’s life, the Mathematics Department of KLES’ International School, Belagavi organized and conducted a series of competitions from 12th to 15th December 2022. Students from classes I to VII participated with great enthusiasm.

Winner of Mathlon:

Grade1: Model on Addition & Subtraction using number line and representation of the same using picture of objects

  • 1st : Miss Riddhi Vernekar
  • 2nd : Miss Reha Porwal
  • 3rd : Master Md. Sharikh Torgal
  • 1st : Master Atharva Gangappanavar
  • 2nd : Miss Chaarvi Hugar & Master Shivam Patil
  • 3rd : Miss Aanchal Dharmatti & Master Venkatesh Shirodkar

  • 1st : Master Vedanth Savanur
  • 2nd : Miss Nihira Kathavate and Miss Aadhya Gorabal
  • 3rd : Miss Aadhya Sarvi and Master Aayush Jain
  • Consolation :
  • Master Abhishek Naik
  • 1st : Miss Aadhya Galagali
  • 2nd : Master Anurag Pawar
  • 3rd : Master Atharv Mungarwadi

Grade 2: Making an object using at least three 3D shapes.

  • 1st: Miss Samantha S K
  • 2nd : Miss Aarvi N Patil
  • 3rd : Miss Sana S Momin
  • 1st : Master Adaan Attar and Miss Vihana Patil
  • 2nd : Master Skanda T
  • 3rd : Master Sumedh B

  • 1st : Miss Dhriti Gautam
  • 2nd : Master Ruan Shah
  • 3rd : Master Sayed Hussain
  • 1st : Miss Dhruvika Patil
  • 2nd :Miss Adira Swamy and Miss Iha Angadi
  • 3rd : Miss Anchal K and Miss Anika M

Grade 3: Framing of word problems on all the basic mathematical operations

  • 1st : Miss Pavani Mathad (3D) and Master Umar Agar (3C)
  • 2nd : Master Tanishq Kabbur (3D) and Miss Kiran Belleri(3A)
  • 3rd: Master Samarth Hiremath (3C)
  • Consolation:
  • Master Aarush Palit (3D)
  • Miss Ishita Bhure (3B)
  • Miss Ogha (3A)

Grade 4: Working Model on any concept of Fractions

  • 1st : Master Kaustubh Thombre (4A)
  • 2nd : Master Chinmay Hawaldar (4C)
  • 3rd : Miss Tanvi Halabhavi (4A) and Miss Vanshika Pillai (4B)
  • Consolation:
  • Miss Aaradhya Sambrekar (4A)
  • Master Advik Dharmatti (4B)
  • Miss Khushi Uppin (4B)

Grade 5: Working Model on types of angles

  • 1st : Master Shrenik Pujari(5B), Master Samarth T(5D)
  • 2nd : Master Arnav K(5B) and Master Satvik (5D)
  • 3rd : Master Atharva B(5D) and Miss Ananya K(5D)
  • Consolation:
  • Master Shreeshth B(5A)
  • Master Anish S(5B)
  • Master Dhruv T(5B)

Grade 6: Pictorial representation of problems based on Integers

  • 1st : Miss Stuti Jain(6A)
  • 2nd : Miss Shriya Nandennavar (6E) and Master Aarman Bhatt (6A)
  • 3rd : Miss Manvi Chavan (6A) and Miss Aditi Khatavkar (6C)

Grade 7: Working model on pair of Angles

  • 1st : Master Geetrachit A(7D)
  • 2nd : Miss Shreya C (7C)
  • 3rd : Miss Riya Vernekar (7B) and Miss Leisha Hiremath (7A)
  • Consolation :
  • Miss Nityashre (7A) and Master Kashish Walsang (7B)

The Number Game!!!


The only way to learn Mathematics is to practise it to perfection.

With an aim to foster interest in Mathematics and to enhance logical and analytical skills of the students, the Mathematics department of KLES' International School, Belagavi had organised the Mathlon: 21-22 for students of grade 1 to grade 8. The activities were as follows:

  • Grade1: Make different objects using 2-dimensional clay models.
  • Grade 2 : Formation of all possible three digit numbers using 5 given numbers. Also write the number name and the expanded form of the number formed.
  • Grade 3: Use different five figures to represent 5 different fractions.
  • Grade 4: Prepare two mathematical puzzles and explain.
  • Grade 5: Frame two word problems that involve at least three mathematical operations.
  • Grade 6: Pictorial representation of two word problems on Integers with solution.
  • Grade 7: Presentation on any mathematical concept with its application in real life (7mins).
  • Grade 8: Presentation on any mathematical concept with its application in real life (7mins).

The students participated whole heartedly and came up with brilliant ideas to express the various concepts.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley was all praise for the intuitiveness and the creativity of the students.