Mock Vidhana Sabha Session (Karnataka State Legislative Assembly)

Simulated Karnataka State Legislative Assembly Session- A Youth Parliament, also known as a Mock Vidhana Sabha Session, was convened on November 17, 2023, at KLES' International School, Belagavi. The central theme of the event revolved around the discussion of five schemes proposed by the Karnataka State Government,


including Griha Laxmi, Griha Jyoti etc. Mrs Renuka Nannoji, the Head of the Department of Social Science, oversaw the proceedings.

During this parliamentary simulation, students from class 10 and 12, took on roles to illustrate the deliberative processes within the Legislative Assembly. They not only showcased discussions on various topics but also simulated the voting process for passing bills, providing a comprehensive display of the functional aspects inherent in the legislative system.

Mock Parliament at KLESIS!!!

Mock Parliament is also referred to as Youth Parliament. Mock Parliament was conducted on 20th October, 2022, at KLES' International School, Belagavi. The agenda of discussion was Agnipath, Mrs. Renuka Nannoji ( HOD Social Science) was Incharge of the event.

Students of class 10 enacted the parliamentary proceedings. They showed how members of Parliament discuss issues and the bills are passed by voting and also the other functional aspects of Parliament were exhibited.


The session started with the National Anthem. Mock Parliament is to strengthen the roots of democracy, inculcate healthy habits of discipline and enable the students to understand the working of Parliament.

Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley expressed her happiness on this occasion and inspired the young parliamentarians to make the best use of the opportunity provided.