Language Unites!!!

KLES' International School, Belagavi is the 47th premier school in India to be included in the prestigious PASCH-'School: Partners For The Future', Program, an initiative of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic Of Gemany in collaboration with the Goethe Institute. The school had signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the German Government on 18th October 2019 signifying fresh prospects for career and education in the future and opening doors to global forums both for academic and intercultural exchange.

The extension of the MOU for a two-year period on 31st July 2023 is yet another achievement for the school, forging ties between the two countries. The dignitaries present were Principal, Mrs Dipti Ingley, Deputy Director of Goethe, Ms Anna Kuhnt, Ms Nilakshi Baruah, the dedicated project coordinator from Goethe Institute and German teachers, Ms Seema Jalgar and Ms Spoorti Benakatti.

KLES' International School Partners With PASCH

KLES' International School, Belagavi achieves yet another milestone as it commemorates its inclusion in the prestigious PASCH-'School:Partners For The Future', Program,an initiative of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic Of Gemany in collaboration with the Goethe Institute. KLESIS is the 47th premier school in India to be included in this venture.

On the momentous evening of 18th October, 2019, the school signed an MOU with the German Government which signified its partnership, creating fresh prospects for career and education in the near future,thus opening doors to global forums both for academic and intercultural exchange. Dr. Prabhakar Kore, Chaiman KLE Society, Dr. Preeti Kore Doddwad, Coordinator ,KLES English Medium Schools, the esteemed Members of the Board of Management along with the German Dignitaries, graced the occasion.
The dignitaries on stage(LtoR):Dr. Preeti Kore Doddwad, Principals Mrs. Dipti Ingley, Dr. Axel Beier,Deputy Director, Goethe Institute, Bengaluru, Dr. Prabhakar Kore, Mr. Thomas Godel, Deputy Executive Director, Goethe Institute, New Delhi, Ms. Andrea Walter, Project head, PASCH South Asia and Mr. Anil Patted (Director) Dr. Sadhunavar, and Mr. Metgud, Members of the Board Of Management, KLE Society.
The programme began with a mellifluous song sung by the choir group, followed by a mesmerizing classical fusion dance. Principal, Mrs. Dipti Ingley addressed the gathering and elaborated about the benefits that the students would reap due to this impressive tie-up. The memorable evening ended with jubilation and celebration, by the parents, teachers and students alike. The signing of the the Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU) and receiving the valued 'Pasch-Plaque' from the German government was an overwhelming moment for one and all.
This inclusion surely set the trail blazing for KLES' International School and added another feather to its cap.

Planting the PASCH Plant by the German Delegates.

A Special Assembly for the German Delegates.

German Dignitaries visit KLES' International School, Belagavi

German Workshop in KLES' International School, Belagavi to commemorate its inclusion in PASCH.

German Movie.

Every Child needs a Father
Every Human needs a Dream
And Every Country needs a Legend!
The movie 'Das Wunder Van Bern', not only showcased the loving bond shared by the members of a family but also showed the introduction of screwable Football Cleats invented by Adi Dassler, the founder of the ADIDAS Brand.
The students of class VI along with their parents were invited to view this memorable movie at Jirge auditorium on 17th October, 2019 as a prelude to the historic signing of the MOU, the next day.

Atithi Devo Bhava

Date : 17th September, 2019
The German team was given a warm welcome by the Principal, teachers and students of KLES' International School, Belagavi. The traditional reception with the marigold flowers and rangoli was an overwhelming experience for the Germans.


Date : 18th September, 2019
A special assembly to introduce the Germans to the school was conducted by class IXD.

The group looked forward to an exhilarating fortnight comprising of educational activities and interesting visits.

Later ,Ms Netalkar and Mr Sameer Majali enlightened them about the progressive industrial scenario in Belagavi and the rich ,dense Western Ghats respectively.Mr Sameer Majali briefed them about the earnest efforts taken by the social activist to conserve the Western Ghats. Ms. Aarti Bhandari, the dynamic environmentalist enthralled the audience with a talk on her pet project,' Boond', which is a milestone in water conservation.

Hindustani music by the Furtados team

Date : 18th September, 2019
The Germans were also introduced to the fine nuances of Hindustani music by the Furtados team of the school

Visit to lingraj College by german Group

Date : 19th September, 2019
The German group visited Lingraj College to study the air sample collection and also examined the rare and interesting, medicinal -botanical plants. They were updated about their usage by the helpful staff. They even visited the museum comprising of the fossils of variety of animals and birds.


Date : 20th September, 2019
A trip to the historical Belgaum Fort, the ancient site of Kamal Basti, the serene Swami Vivekananda Ashrama and the majestic Vidhana Soudha enlightened the Germans about the rich cultural heritage of India.

The fine art of weaving flowers into garlands was an experience in itself and they eagerly joined hands with the staff to create exotic garlands.

Trip to Badami

Date : 21th September, 2019
A whirlwind one-day trip to Badami, was an educating and an entertaining one with the German team getting familiarized with the heritage and the alluring landscape of India.

Agnihotri Ritual and 'Homa' thearpy

Date : 22th September, 2019
Agnihotri Ritual and 'Homa' thearpy at Kapileshwar temple.

Yoga session

Date : 23th September, 2019
The staff provided an insight to the world's oldest healing system.

A fascinating world of Yoga and Ayurveda was unfolded by the Germans when they paid a visit to KLES Kanakanwadi Ayurvedic College, Belagavi.

The Germans were updated with the latest innovative holistic healing procedures.
Yoga session was conducted, displaying various asanas. Germans actively participated and relished the fruitful outcome.

Industrial tour

Date : 24th September, 2019
An Industrial tour was organised at Vega Helmets, Metrani- Sneham International Netalkar Systems and AKP Founders where the air sampling was done to compare the pollution levels. The team also visited the KLES Engineering College Udyambag to complete their survey on pollution.

Karate session

Visit to Venudhwani

Date : 25th September, 2019
Today the Germans paid a visit to Venudhwani and got acquainted with the FM channel played locally. Teacher Mrs. Swati Aklekar interviewed the German teacher about his intriguing sojourn .
The group was spellbound on hearing the musical rendition of Hindustani and Carnatic classical songs and instruments by the students of KLE School of music. A German student also regaled the gathering with her soulful song.

Dhol Tasha and Lezim mania!!!

Date : 26th September, 2019

Cultural Program

Date : 27th September, 2019
The students at the end of the 15 days programme presented their report on the pollution levels in different cities and compared the statistics.

A visit to Ankur NGO to sensitize about the need to assist those who need special love and care

A cultural programme showcasing diverse talents was organised for Germans on the last day of their school visit.

Indo-German Cultural Exchange 2019-20

We at KLES’ International School believe that our empowered and knowledgeable youth are the future of our country and strive to provide every opportunity to help them excel in their endeavours.
As a part of the school’s International outreach ,10 students from class 10 and class 12 namely Arush Dodwad, Sujal Sawant , Mahika Mirji, Laxmi Kurundwade , Dhiren Kamanagoudar, Darshan Sawant ,Aryan Puned, Chirag Revankar, Shashank Deshpande and Nihal Gamanagatti and 2 teachers Mrs Ashwini Patil and Ms Seema Jalgar participated in a cultural exchange programme at Ruebekamp Schulzentrum , Bremen in Germany.

Cultural exchanges provide an opportunity to explore other cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, languages and much more. Hence, such opportunities make you view the world with a different lens.
This provides alternative perspectives! It broadens one's horizons and increases the tendency of acceptance.
The team left India for Paris on the 2nd of July where they spent a day enjoying the beauty of Paris ,cruised on the river Seine and had a fun filled day at Disneyland.

The Indian group also visited Brussels and Amsterdam and headed towards Bremen on the 18th of June and met their host families and the 2 teachers Ms Sandra Bosch and Ms Nadine Korzeniowsky.

They stayed there for a period of 15 days wherein they attended lectures in the Bremen University, Cuxhaven which is a World heritage site [Wadden Sea], Hamburg and learnt and worked at ways of measuring and curbing pollution.

It was also a beginning of a new friendship between the two countries! The team returned back to India on the 4th of July.

German Exchange Programme at Rubekamp School, Bremen, Germany.

KLES' International School, Belagavi students gear up for German Exchange Programme at Rubekamp School, Bremen, Germany.
The students along with their teachers have been meticulously working, round the clock and equipping themselves with the relevant details, necessary for the Programme.
Arush Doddwad, Sujal Sawant, Mahika Mirji, Laxmi Kuranwade, Dhiren Kamangoudar, Darshan Sawant, Shashank Deshpande, Chirag Revankar, Aryan Puned and Nihal Gamangatti will participate in the German Exchange Programme along with the teachers, Mrs. Ashwini Patil and Mrs. Seema Jalgar.

The students have attended the National Seminar on 'Global Warming', organized by Govindram Seksaria Science College, Belagavi on 15th and 16th March, 2019 and investigated various challenges faced to curb the menace and the solutions therein. The resource person was Mr. Rajendra Phatarpekar.

The students also have been visiting the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and learnt the fundamentals of Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter and its effect on health..

The students have been gearing up for the German Exchange Programme at Rubekamp School, Bremen, Germany by developing their culinary skills and practicing the German dish, Kartoffel Puffer

German Exchange Program

KLES' International School Principal, Ms. Dipti Ingley visited Germany as a part of South Asian delegation of Principals between 11th to 18th November, 2018 on invitation of the German Government through the Goethe Institute. Other Principal participants were from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri lanka . The Indian Principals who participated were from DPS Kolkata New Town, DPS Bokaro, Mayo College, Ajmer, Mumbai International School, Sri Arobindo School, Hyderabad, Amity International School, Delhi and St Francis School, Noida.

The delegation visited the German Parliament and attended the standing conference of the ministers of education and cultural affairs.
During the visit, Ms. Dipti Ingley also visited the Rubekamp school in Bremen and finalized the German exchange program under which the PU students of KLES International school would work on collaborative projects with students of Rubekamp vocational school. It would also give an oppurtunity to students to visit the partner school in Germany.
The school has been able to achieve this milestone under the dynamic leadership of the coordinator of KLES’ English medium schools, Dr. Preeti Doddwad and encouragement from Chairman of the KLE Society, Dr. Prabhakar Kore. The German Language teacher at KLES’ International school, Mr Kedarnath Moghe provided the necessary inputs and supported the program.