The secret of success in life is to be ever ready for any opportunity that knocks on the door. Inspiration can be drawn from all quarters. At KLES' International School, our constant endeavour is to strive towards building a better future through introspection and innovation. This is certainly a cosy and well coordinated niche where thoughts of students and staff find expression, milestones are highlighted and the brilliant journey of the institution is archived. Over the years, KLES' International School has evolved into a premiere institution that stands for excellence in holistic inclusive education. Apart from a comprehensive scholastic program, the school focuses on providing valuable exposure to students in the form of opportunities and forums, both national and international.

The Collaborative German Exchange Program with the Ruebecamp School in Bremen and the Joint Environmental Mission Program with the new Buckingham Friends School, Philadelphia, US have opened new frontiers in education at the global level . The school offers a plethora of co-scholastic activities for students wherein students get to learn from the best teaching academies around the country. The dance, music and sports training; all work in tandem to create a congenial environment which is best suited to cater to the ever increasing demand for art integrated learning.


Education is a collaborative and sustained effort by the school, students and parents to empower, which can only be achieved through a sense of mutual interdependence. We are thankful to all the parents whose trust we hold and cherish. We also feel extremely fortunate to have a supportive management. The futuristic approach is reflected in the constant upgradation of school infrastructure and learning programs. We are grateful to our team of dedicated staff, both teaching and non teaching who are instrumental in the school's progress.

Mrs. Dipti Ingley (Principal)