Education is the progressive discovery of our ignorance; it is a concept that has been off-late echoed loudly (by electronic and print media). This has been however not only conceived but achieved at Karnataka Lingayat Education Society, Belagavi over a century ago, when seven teachers fondly revered as the 'Saptharishis' laid the foundation stone of the first Anglo-Indian school in the year 1916.

The century-long journey has seen an enormous growth of the KLE society from a sole sapling into a mammoth canopy of 300 Institutions spanning across education and health care services established in India and worldwide. The growth witnessed has however occurred on an uncompromised and well preserved and lovingly nurtured philosophical triad of philanthropy, service and sacrifice.

This endeavour of the KLE society reached its pinnacle when Dr. Prabhakar Kore took over the reins of chairmanship in the year 1985. His commendable leadership of 38 years is an example that each of the society's fraternity would like to emulate in their lives. Under his able guidance, we seek to go beyond our existing accomplishments and with the sole motto of achieving newer zeniths and establishing newer benchmarks in the Indian education system . His spectacular chairmanship beyond 35 years, with the active support of his team of elected members, embodies the collective efforts of everyone in KLE, including 13,000 members of the trust, 1,38,000 students, and 18,000 strong faculty, in making KLE an international Education-destination. This epitome of success of the KLE society as an educational and health-care service provider seems never to cease as it embarks upon newer horizons in relentless pursuit of achieving the noble cause of its origin as laid down by the 'Saptharishis'.

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