Embrace Adventure!!

Experience the Excitement of the Summer Coaching Camp held from March 15th to April 2nd, 2024, at KLES’ International School, Belagavi. Sessions ran from 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, offering a range of engaging activities including Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming, Dance, Girls/Boys Football, Chess, Skating, and Karate.

As a thrilling conclusion, a memorable trek to Yellur Fort was organized on the final day, providing children with an unforgettable adventure. The participants cherished every moment of the coaching camp, immersing themselves in fun-filled activities and forging lasting memories.

Summer coaching camp - 2023

Wholesome Holidays!!
KLES' International School, Belagavi had organized the summer coaching camp from 17th March to 2nd April, 2023. The school has been organizing summer camps for the past nine years and each year is a witness to enthusiastic participation from the students. The games included basketball, cricket, swimming, table- tennis, dance, karate, football, skating and yoga. The early morning schedule from 6.30 am to 8.30 am instilled discipline and consistency in the day to day activities and the children resumed school with renewed vigour and exuberance.


Together we will Excel !!!

The Summer Camp (19th March 2022 to 3 rd April 2022), organised for the students of KLES' International School, concluded on the right note with a trek to Rajhansgad (Yellur Fort, Belagavi).

The children were guided in different sports like swimming, cricket, table tennis, basketball, Dance therapy, Yoga, Karate etc. by eminent coaches and at the end of the camp, all were well versed in the fine nuances of the games.


Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp Fever Surpasses Summer Heat!!!
KLES' International School, Belagavi had organized a summer camp from 17th March to 31st March,2019.The school has been organizing summer camps since the past eight years and it was a huge success with a maximum number of children participating in it and reaping the rich benefits. The early morning schedule from 6.30am to 8.30am did wonders for the children and it was a wonderful change from the hectic exam agenda.

The games included swimming, dance, music, karate, table tennis, football, basketball, skating and cricket.
The Girls( U/14) of KLES' International School, Belagavi won accolades for the school when they were victorious against Love Dale School in the football tournament.
The school also participated in a mini summer camp football tournament against Love Dale, Vijaya Academy, St. Xaviers and Phoenix schools and won the runners-up trophy in U/8, U/10 and U/14 (Boys category).
The students thoroughly enjoyed their camp and also cherished their trek to Rajhans Gad, Yellur Fort on the final day which was a rewarding experience..

Summer Camp 2018-19

Summer Camp was organized at the KLE International School from 17th March,2018 to 1st April,2018 to celebrate the spirit of adventure and sportsmanship. This unique and rejuvenating camp had Swimming, Basket ball (Boys and Girls), Junior and Senior Football (Boys and Girls), Cricket, Jumba, Dance, Yoga Kabaddi, Skating, Karate, Table Tennis, Art and Pottery lined up throughout the event. Transportation facility was available and all the games and activities were taught by versatile and trained teachers and instructors. It was an enriching experience for the students who had fun and learnt skill based techniques for their future use.